Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AMW Bulletin: More Good News to Sample Room VIP Members!

You know the saying "Try Before You Buy?"
I kept on saying that to YOU my readers whenever I put up a product review.  I always advice YOU to ask for samples especially when it comes to skincare because I know how hard it is to spend your hard-earned money and all it went was...errrr..down the drain!

That is why when I was invited to be a "Partner Blogger" for Sample Room, I immediately said yes without hesitations!  I am one hell of a kuripot girl I highly recommend trying out SAMPLES....even if I turned into the world's richest woman (ahem! sana totoo!)  I will still do the sample thing!

Now back to more good news! Thanks to Sample Room's unending love for their memebers, they are sharing a new promo for Sample Room's VIP!

Okay, to simplify the good news, VIP Membership lets you have 1,000 points usable for 2 months for the price of Php799.00!  
Only that?  Of course not!  There are so many perks as a VIP Member:
  • You will be able to get exclusive, limited samples that are premium and are priced higher. 
  • Starting October, VIP members get a treat!  You get a FREE mystery gift every single time you sign up and renew for VIP Membership!


And here's the easiest way for you to be a VIP member ---

And if you're unclear how Sample Room Points work, click photo below ---

I am so excited for what Sample Room is cooking up for the rest of the year and for the year to come!  And before I end this post, Advance Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Sample Room!  You made #TryBeforeYouBuy so easy!

Are you a Sample Room VIP Member?
Have you tried samples from Sample Room?  How was the experience?

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