Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AMW Makeover: Lush Angel!

Hi Everyone!
I'm sharing yet another makeover with before and after photos!  Let me know if you like these series! 
Today, I will be sharing a makeup I did for my very good Blogger Friend, Lush Angel!  Ayan ha, may sariling segment ka Angela!  hahaha

Well, she definitely deserves a spot in this blog because aside from the fact that she is a very good friend of mine (Kyle's Ninang too!).  She is also one pretty girl even without makeup!  Photo proof below!  

Angela will be part of an entourage for her friend's wedding.  Prior to that day, she sent me a makeup "peg" and the inspiration?  Julia Barretto!

Angela chose a perfect model, aside from the fact that both of them are beautiful, Julia's makeup is usually minimal, very fresh, full of life!  And her makeup depicts the makeup look I want to create on Angela!  

(Note: I apologize if makeup won't be shown properly on photos, again, I took this shot on my own without my trustee photographer!  The right side of her face (facing you) is where the natural sunlight comes in!  That explains the uneven makeup look!) 

Lush Angel
Skin type: Oily
Request: Julia Barretto Makeup

Because Angela have very good skin to start with.  I prepped her face by using an oil-free primer to help keep her foundation to stay longer without sliding off due to her oily skin.  After waiting for a couple of minutes, I applied Cream Foundation all over her face focusing more at the center to even out some of the redness.  

This girl don't have much skin issues, no undereye circles, no pimples!  So what I did was to apply some brightening primer together with her foundation to keep her skin looking fresh and bright!  

Now on to her eye makeup.  Julia uses mostly neutral eyeshadows.  If I would like to create a Julia Barretto look, I'll definitely thicken Angela's brows but I skipped this step because too thick brows may overpower Angela's delicate features so I did some adjustments.

I primed her lids with Urban Decay Shadow Primer, then used various shades of browns and taupes extending the eyeshadow a bit beyond her lid to elongate her eyes creating bigger, more uplifted eye makeup look.  

Let's not forget the vavavoom lashes from ES Lashes and I lined her eyes using Bobbi Brown Gel Liner.  With the remaining gel liner, I also applied on her bottom lashes smudging off with a brown eyeshadow for a real-smoky effect!

With a matte pink blush from MAC and Matte Pink lipstick?  She's ready to go!

How do yo find Lush Angel's Look?
Do you like it?

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  1. GANDA! :) And even more beautiful when you did your magic :)

    1. aww thanks #IamTara we should bond over POPCORN again! :D

  2. Wow naman, I love it! Hehe! I really liked my makeup here!!! Thank you so much, Nikki! :D You also did a great job in controlling my oiliness! Love it! :D

    1. awww yay! thanks for the feedback! can't wait for more looks! :D

  3. She looks great! Also loved how happy she was in both the before and after :)

    1. I agree, such refreshing to be with :D thanks for the compliment

  4. Ang fresh lang ng peg! Angela looks pretty nikki! Hindi na overpower ng makeup yung features nya maganda na as is :) Na-enhance lang lalo. See you soon!

    1. awww thanks for the compliment, I had an easy time as a MUA, ang ganda na ng model :D

  5. Lush Angel is already beautiful but your make up highlighted her features more at mas lalo syang nag-glow. I love it. May future ka, girl :)

  6. How come only Angela has a makeover? :(


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