Friday, October 3, 2014

AMW Makeovers: MOH and MOB

Happy Friday AMW Friends!
Today, I'm sharing an MOH (Maid of Honor) and MOB (Mother of Bride) makeover!  This is a continuation of my bridal makeup as posted HERE.

As we all know, the Bride is top priority when it comes to hair and makeup but as a makeup artist, I never forget to really take my time to prettify those people who are with her!  The special people who walks the aisle together with the bride to witness the special bonding between a man and a woman!  

I was lucky enough to prettify these 2 beauties!  One is sister of the Bride who will also act as Maid of Honor and the other one is the "blushing" Mother of the Bride, who feels as excited and as nervous as the bride!

I would like to share the newest Virginia Olsen products I got that I loved so much I brought with me on the gig and actually used it!  I seldom bring with me loose mineral makeup but because the pigmentation and colors are so pretty, I can't help but use them!  Thanks Virginia Olsen for sending me these!  The shades are perfect even on Bridal gigs!

L-R Innocence Highlighter, Supernova, Gunmetal and Wine Matte

L-R Innocence Highlighter, Supernova, Gunmetal and Wine Matte
  • Innocence highlighter is what I used to highlight some areas around the cheeks for a nice "glowy" effect minus the obvious glitters.  I also like to use this shade as an eyeshadow.
  • Supernova is indeed very sparkly!  I skipped using this for weddings but I can't wait to create looks using this lovely shadow shade.
  • Gunmetal is a nice "eye enhancing" shade.  I like to top this over the eyeliner to create "defined yet not so obvious" liner looks!
  •  Wine Matte is a perfect shade to use on weddings because it is matte and it gives a nice definitely even to droopy eyelids.

Now let's get back to the makeovers!

MOH Before and After
Skin type: Normal/Oily with a bit of redness around her cheeks.
Request: Natural makeup

Upon seeing the MOH, I immediately got a look on top of my head and I wanted something fresh, natural and feminine!  After priming her face with Laura Mercier primer, I used Paul & Joe Cream Foundation all over her face and spot concealed redness with my favorite Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette.  I defined and filled her brows using Benefit Brow Zings, primed her eyelid with eye primer then proceeded using my neutral palette adding a bit of "pinkish touch" using Virginia Olsen Innocence Highlighter at the inner corner of her lids.  

Again, I apologize for the bad, uneven lighting as I don't have my trustee photographer with me that day *winks*  Daddy duties!  I finished up the rest of her look with a matte pink blush and pink lipstick.  

MOB Before and After
Skin type: Normal
Request: None.  
 The Mother of the Bride seldom go through makeovers so she has no idea which look she prefers and left everything on my hands.  Most of the time, I use neutral shades for older clients but this time, I wanted to add "a pop of color" to make her skin appears younger and more vibrant!  Who would've thought a bright pink lippie paired with a blush that I mixed using peach and pink and Virginia Olsen Innocence Highlighter on her cheeks would make her look 5 years younger? 

I primed her skin with moisturizing primer, used cream-based foundation adding a bit of moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated all throughout the makeover.  I fixed her brows adding more depth and thickness using Benefit's Gimme Brow.  Primed her lids to keep her eyeshadow from fading and pulled out my favorite neutral shades from Bobbi Brown and MAC.  I also added the shade Wine Matte on her outer-V to "pull up" her eyes.  As for eyeliner, I picked dark brown gel liner from Bobbi Brown and smudged it with an eyeshadow because an obvious "line" isn't what we want for mature clients! 

How do you like both makeovers?
Have you tried Virginia Olsen mineral eyeshadows?

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