Thursday, October 2, 2014

Specific Hair Problems, SOLVED!

Hi everyone!
How are you?  Me, I'm tired emotionally from worrying!  Baby AMW got really sick 2 days ago and his temperature reached 40!  I looked back at those times when me and my brothers and sister got sick and I can't imagine how my mom handled these!  It is emotionally and physically exhausting!  So kudos all moms and dads out there!

Now that Baby AMW is getting better, let me share to you my most recent finds!  I recently received a Hair Heroes box from Watsons and I'm so happy they include so many affordable hair products that targets specific hair issues!  

I will share the contents of the box and share how it can help solve specific hair issues!  Feel free to add more by clicking comment below on your most recent discovery!

Hair Problem #1  Dry, Frizzy Hair
I have been asked so many times on how to deal with hair frizz and dryness.  My easiest trick?  Coconut oil applied all over scalp and hair and let it sit for at least an hour and that will definitely tame down the frizz!  But who has time today?  And with the crazy weather, who wants oily, super greasy product on hair?  NOT ME for sure!

I recently chanced upon hair care products that contain Argan Oil.  Argan oil is said to help make hair softer, silkier and shinier aside from taming the frizz.  But keep in mind that using such does no result into a super straight, sleek and shiny hair like that from shampoo ads, based on my personal experience, that won't happen unless you go through chemical treatments such as Rebond, Keratin Treatment, etc...

Ex. Moist Diane Shampoo and Conditioner

Based on description, this shampoo and conditioner variant is oil-based yet promises non-greasy, smooth and healthy hair!  Can't wait to use this pair!  Have you tried this?  I want to hear your thoughts!

Now, if you have extremely sensitized, dry and unruly hair, I always think shampoo and conditioner aren't always good enough. I always advise my friends to partner it with additional hair treatment.  My favorite is the one from Dove called Dove Daily Hair Vitamins.  BUT, this one really caught my attention!  Housed in the same packaging as Dove, this is pure Morrocco Argan in a capsule!  I have actually tried 2 capsules as of date and so far, it did help trim my frizzy ends and surprisingly, without the greasy feel! 

Hair Problem #2 Thinning Hair
When I gave birth to Baby AMW and breastfeeding full time, I find the area of my hair around the crown is thinning and though it was said to be normal, I got really alarmed! 

Whenever thinning hair is an issue, I always lean on to Aloe Vera hair products!  As always, I don't have time to pick an Aloe Vera leaf and apply the juice on the roots of my hair, so I always go for the quick route!  Thankfully, there are still Aloe Vera hair care products available in the market (I used to think it died down!)  I personally used this variant even before I received this for review.  

Thankfully, my hair was back to its usual "thickness" state!  Whenever I go to a salon, I always ask them how they find my hair and they always reply: "Not too thick, not too thin, just right!"  

Why Aloe Vera hair products you say?  Well, based on research, Aloe Vera contains an enzyme that helps promote new hair growth for some people.  Aloe Vera in hair care products may take longer to work as compared to the real deal, it still helps as I saw very short hair sprouting from the roots of my head after constant usage of Aloe Vera hair care products.

Ex. AloeDerma Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair and Scalp Tonic

Hair Problem #4: Baldness
If you ask me, I personally would like to treat "baldness" permanently.  But, there are instances where you need some instant fixes especially if you need to be part of a special gathering.  (Ex. Wedding, Part of Entourage, A Reunion, etc...) 

I've seen hair sprays that literally look and feel like paint that looks super unnatural so I never recommend them.  From the box includes HairFix called Miracle Hair Fiber, just like mascara, mascara fibers look more natural on lashes and I believe it will work the same on hair!  Thankfully, it comes in Dark Brown so the effect won't be too fake and obvious!

I know the box has a male model but I highly recommend girls who have thinning hair and some even have a portion of their scalp shown!  This quick fix may be the answer to that "Hello Scalp" problems!  Let me know if you want an in-depth review on this!  I'm actually intrigued to try out this product so I already have a model in mind! :D

Hair Problem #5 I don't know how to Style My Hair
Do you agree how gorgeous our hair looks every time we step out of the salon?   I may have working on other people's hair but I can't seem to do my hair as perfect as those in a salon because I don't have octopus arms!  (Some do!  Lucky you!)

Here's a secret/tip I would like to share!  Everyone has their own "good hair day" right?  When you wake up and you think your hair looks stunning that day, grab your favorite hair spray and spritz all over to "keep that gorgeous locks" that way it looks, at least for a day!  Bring with you a small hairspray for that instant "fix" when a part of your hair is out of place!  

Product to try: Gatsby Moving Lock Spray Extra Hard
This particular spray even on Extra Hard hold can still keep your hair moving and swaying!  Always keep in mind to spray 6-8 inches away from the hair for that "flexible, not too hard" hold.

Toni & Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel
How yucky it is to use a gel?  I dislike using gel because I feel like they always weigh down my hair!  Thankfully, a spray gel is available today from Toni&Guy!  I haven't tried this but Mr. AMW is actually looking forward to try this and I'll be sharing my thoughts!  He's a full time gel-user (and a very picky one) so I can't wait to share to you his thoughts.

Hair Problem #3: You don't have the budget to go to a salon!
One thing that I'm proud of, I grew up in a very simple household.  My mom taught us to save our money and spend only on things we NEED.  Going to a salon will always be for haircutting and I never spend beyond that!  

Now I appreciate what my mom has taught me, I used to dislike my situation!  Imagine, growing up with naturally wavy and frizzy hair, I want to have my hair treated so badly I envy my friends who can!

Thankfully, I have a big sister to share my hair troubles with!  And because she is 5 years older than me, she gets to work and earn her money earlier and she treats me with some sister hair-bonding!  One thing we love to do on a weekend?  Hair treatment time!  We usually get inexpensive hair treatment products from Watsons that are on a good deal (like buy 1 take 1).  We apply a generous amount of hair treatment on each other's hair and wrap it with a cling wrap and spend the rest of the afternoon doing each other's nails!  (Parlor ang peg namin!)  So far, the hard work paid off!  I realized, when it comes to hair treatment, you can definitely do it at home!  I got a confirmation from a hair salon stylist recently because he feels my hair and said my hair is super soft considering how chemically-treated it was!

Ex. Salon Professional Keratin Treatment
Comes in 3 variants, choose based on your current hair condition.
  • Repairs Damage and Increases Strength of Hair
  • Maintains dry, dehydrated and brittle hair
  • Eliminates Frizz and Flyaways

Also, one hair "kaartehan" I used to do at home is hair coloring!  I've used box after box of hair coloring treatment and so far, they all work for me!  One brand I'm most intrigued to try is Palty!  Because they come in "foamy" texture making it less messy and I've read lots of raves from fellow bloggers on this!

Contents of 1 PALTY box

All products mentioned are exclusively available at Watsons stores nationwide!  Watch out for discounts and promos when you purchase any of the "Watsons Wonders" mentioned above.

What is your current Hair Care must-haves?
Any particular brand/product you would like to share?

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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Great post.

  2. yay how to avail for this box ms nikki? this is what i needed

    1. Sis this box is not available, they are sold individually at any Watsons! They just send this box as press kit for review :) which particular product got your interest?

  3. Hi! Would you know how much the HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber costs? Thanks!

    1. I'll check when I visit Watsons and will update you :D

    2. I saw it at Watsons Greenbelt just yesterday. Price of the kit is at P249. Couldn't find how many grams is the hair fiber jar so I googled it. It's rather small at 10gms. Just right for the price.

  4. They are not selling the box? Last year I got the box for P799.

    1. yes, I got that box too! But they used the same box but this time, they are not selling the box as last year. :) I hope they do it again this year, it is worth it


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