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I have been a long time fan of DKNY fragrance, check out my post HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  I love the apple-shaped bottle so much I created a couple of "memes" in the past.

THIS (The BF/GF edition)

And this (The Growing Family Edition)
When I got an invite from my Sampleroom family on DKNY's newest fragrance called DKNY MYNY (My New York) and saw poster on the heart-shaped bottle, indicative of the New York Skyline, I have a bit of hesitation.  I mean how in the world could you change the well-known apple-shaped bottle?

Then I came to know about the background of this fragrance during the event.  The campaign is fronted by Rita Ora --- the talented beautiful singer Kosovan-born, UK-raised and madly in love with New York. 

The MYNY Cart reminds me so much on what you see in movies with New York City setting!  As much as I would like to take a bite on this yummy spread, I've decided to go ahead and look for the star of the event! 

As usual, I was sidetracked by a DKNY game!  I get to pick a CD and I have to answer question related to anything New York!  Thanks to Sophie for helping me out!  


After playing a couple of games and taking photos at the booth, I finally get to be up close and personal to DKNY's MYNY!

I was expecting the scent to be the usual light, fruity/floral but after taking 1 sniff, it came in a surprise for me as MYNY has this burst of ENERGY --- Very New York!  

Top notes of the fragrance boast a blend of raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum, with by Egyptian jasmine, freesia and orris at the heart. Finally going into a base composition of patchouli Heart LMR, vanilla absolute and musk   A mixture of fruity, floral and spice, I call this ENERGY in a bottle! 

Let's not forget, the unique part about this aside from the scent, is the heart-shaped bottle with the representation of the New York Skyline (bird's eye view) if you take a look at the top portion of the bottle.  The bottle is heavier than the usual DKNY fragrance and I will definitely put this on top of my dresser table!

Now the big question is, how do I feel about  MYNY's concept in general?

When I think of New York outside the romantic movies (a.k.a. Serendipity).  New York City is full of diversity.  I think about a gorgeous place full of positive and negative energy.  Everyone's busy going somewhere.  With the hustle and bustle of everyday New York City, the city actually reminds me of my OWN LIFE. 

Full of Energy, Love, Friends, Tasks to be done, Deadlines, Happiness and Sadness...etc...
I may not be living in New York City but my life is definitely represented by the city!

Thank you so much DKNY Philippines and Sampleroom for the invite!  I had wonderful time learning about the city and the newest fragrance MYNY!  

L-R Angela, Jackie and Me

DKNY MYNY EAU DE PARFUM will be available in Rustan’s Department Store at Php4,650.00  for 100ml and Php3,650.00 for 50ml. 

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How do you feel about DKNY's MYNY new packaging?
Do you think your life embodies the city of New York?

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  1. My Mom's a huge fan of DKNY! Maybe I should get one of these for her for Christmas. :)

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