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Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Every Christmas season, the company I work for would prepare for Exchange Gift and the fun starts even before the gift-exchanging itself! The fun starts at Creating your own screen name (from Local actors/actresses to cartoon names, etc...) to the whole guessing game of who picked who!

Now that I'm working from home, I'm missing all office gift-giving but that won't stop me from sharing my Christmas gift ideas!  And I'm picking products ranging from Php500.00-Php1,000.00.

For the Kikay Colleague
Ah, the easiest Exchange Gift Recipient in my dictionary!  It takes one to know one --- 'nuff said!  But if you're not Kikay or you're probably a guy who chanced upon this post, well, here are some gift ideas you  may give to your "Kikay" Colleague.

If you see her into eyeliner, purchase the limited edition K-Palette Rose Scented 1Day Tattoo Liner priced at Php795.00!  She'll love this!

If she is into lip products, you may go for ---

Pixy Lipsticks
These are affordable yet really nice and pigmented.
You get to pick the finishes too!
 Php240.00 each so you can buy all 3 and still stay within the budget!

And my favorite among the 3 is the Pixy Semi Matte Lipstick in Red Chili

And if you're unsure of the "color" or if your recipient isn't into loud lip colors, you can go for Benefit Balms!  Whatever color you choose, the effect will always be simple, natural with "oomph"!

Benefit Lolli Balm, Posie Balm, Cha Cha Balm and Bene Balm
Price: Php1,000 each

And if she is a "blush" girl, why give her 1 shade when you can give her all the shades she can choose from?

Glambox Cosmetics Pro Studio Beauty Pro 10 Blush
Price: around Php1,000+
Available HERE

Sleek I-Divine Palette
Available HERE

One of the most versatile palette, inexpensive yet very good quality palette I've seen to date!  You don't have to do a guess work on which particular shade your gift receiver would go for as the palette includes neutral shades, blue, purple, green, black! 

And oh, the kikay list may go on and on by personally speaking, I think these are the easiest way to gift colleagues as compared to giving them foundation as you may go wrong with shades, of course, not unless you know the recipient REALLY well or they requested for specific shades!

For the Nail Polish Addict Colleague
Ah, the list can definitely go on but I will include those that I just recently discovered!

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy
Less than Php1,000
Seriously, color + Base in ONE!  Heaven sent for all nail polish users out there!  I have tried some of the shades and the effect is really that of a "gel polish"!

Feel free to click and zoom in to check out particular shade names!  Since you're here, you may as well "shop" :)

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polishes
Php315.00 per bottle
You get all these yummy pigmented colors that can be worn alone even without top coat!  I have tried the 2 pink shades on the left and so far, it lasted almost a week without base and top coat!  Oh, the brush that comes with the polish is flat making it easier to use.

Shade names

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel
Php650.00 each
Just in case your recipient is pregnant, or is a new mom who wants to prettify her nails but want to make sure the polish is safe for her little one, this is a wonderful gift idea for kikay mommies out there!

And this last idea is out of the budget but I cannot help but include this on the list!  Why?  The packaging is super adorable and the polishes are just in time for the season!

Ciate Candy Cane House
Limited edition: Php1,499.00 

These are fragranced glitter polishes with scents from gingerbread and Christmas Trees to Candy Cane and Fresh Cotton!  They can be applied on its' own or applied on top of your favorite polish shades.
Shades: Candy Craze, Ginger Snaps, Tangled Tinsel and Snow Fall

For the Skincare Obsessed Male/Female Colleague

The Body Shop Hand Cream 
Php250.00 each
How can you go wrong when you give Hand Creams like these from The Body Shop?  And since it is priced only at Php250.00, you can even give 2 or all 4 tubes!  They smell really good and it does help keep my hands hydrated minus the grease!

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
Another hand creme that won my..ahmm..hand!  Housed in a very simple glass packaging, this screams old school and very effective!

Burt's Bees Natural Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
Another hydration in a tube!  I haven't really gotten the chance to review this (as I have so many things to review on the table as of the moment) but I tried this and loved this to bits!

You just can't go wrong when you give Burt's Bees products, I own a lot of Burt's Bees products but everytime my brother came back home from vacation and give me a set of this, my heart always leap with joy! Aside from that, both male and female can use these products without the guy colleagues having the  fear of being "too girly".

Dial Coconut Water Hydrating Body Wash and Soap
Body Wash: Php199.00
Soap: PHp139.75 pack of 3
 When I got these set from Sampleroom, I immediately gave this to my super simple Big Brother and I saw a lit on his face!  He never appreciates facial washes or perfumes but he loves his bath care products, so that gave me the idea of giving bath care products as gifts to our skin-loving guys!  

 Priced around Php600.00-Php1,500.00
A bit thanks to my Sample Room family again as I got to try "THE BEST SUNBLOCK BRAND TO DATE" as hailed by most Beauty Bloggers!  'Nuff said!

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3
Okay, also a bit over budget but why not for that older colleague of yours who has helped you all throughout your work years?   Probably that HR lady who always answers your queries when it comes to tax payment, SSS, maternity leaves, etc...or that boss of yours who taught you well since your first day of work!  I'm not saying you should gift this to your OLD colleagues but girls can always start young in using anti-aging products!

This product is said to correct lines, retextures the skin surface and reconstitutes the skin's barrier function.  Skin care loving colleagues will definitely appreciate this gift of relaxation.

For a Simple Guy/Girl Colleagues
Go for the basics!  Give them things that are mostly in the "need" list.

You may go for something as simple as lip balm.  I knew for the fact that even the most simple girls will need a good lip balm once in their life and you may as well gift them one with a bit of tint to jumpstart their possible "kikay-possibilities". And for men?  You may try to gift them a yummy flavored lip balm!  I can attest to this yummyness is Mr. AMW loved Lip Ice lip balms and he hit the pan on 2 (1 Apple, 1 Lemon).

LipIce Water Colour and LipIce SPF15 Apple Lip balm both are available at Watsons

And let's talk about skincare for the simple men/women, if they are the type who use soap bars for the face, I'm sure they will appreciate some Physiogel Cleanser and Lotion!  Why? Because both of these are simple products that are safe enough to be used on face and body!  I even use these on my baby!  Mr. AMW loves the Cleanser and has been using this for years!  So you will definitely help your colleagues in the #FREEINMYSKIN movement from Physiogel!  Indeed, you are freeing their skin from harsh soaps.

Okay, let me veer a bit away from all the skincare and makeup, let's talk about some fashion related stuff for the simple guys and girls.  I am a loyal Zalora customer and have been buying from them for quite some time now!  And I'm happy they are expanding to more product range and you may look into Zalora basics for very simple clothing and shoes.  And I recently discovered a category called Zalora Collection of Accessories for men!  There are good belts that I've seen that guys may like, I bought one and hubby loved this! 

Belt price range: from Php500-Php1,500+
And if you just don't want to worry too much, there are gifts made available perfect for the Christmas season. 

Dermal Collagen Essence Special Christmas Masks
Php399.00 for the set 
Available at all Beauty Bar Stores Nationwide

The Body Shop Christmas 2014
 You can definitely see these cute green packaged products limited edition for Christmas 2014!  You can buy them separately....

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter, Glazed Apple Soap,
Glitter Eyeliner Shade: Sparkling and Eye Palette 01 Frosted Pastels

or put them all together in a pouch!  When it comes to gift-giving, you will never go wrong with The Body Shop, I always buy gifts there for our Godparents during Christmas and they are always a hit!

This Frosted Pastel shades are perfect to keep your recipient dazzling on various gatherings and Christmas parties she will be attending!  Whether a pro or non-pro makeup wearer, I'm sure she'll get inspired by Frozen!  Just by looking at the palette design and eyeshadow shades!

 and last but not the least, the Nippon Holiday Sets 2014!  (available HERE)

Ah, there are so much more to add, I just want to go on and on but my eyes are tired and I need my zzz's!  Feel free to comment below on the "type of colleagues" you would want me or fellow readers to help you out in this year's Christmas Gift-Giving (Office Edition).  Also, if you have more ideas, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts! 

Now, aren't you glad it's Christmas?
I'm so excited to make my friends and family members smile this year! (and every year!)

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Sana colleague na lang kita! Ang sososhal ng gift ideas na to! :) Siguro kung friendship okay pa pero kung colleague lang baka ballpen lang kaya ko ibigay o post-it LoL

    1. Sis! hindi to random colleagues lang, yung yearly company exchange gift na usually ranges around Php500-Php1,000 ! LOL

    2. Ayan kasi hindi nagbabasa ng mabuti!! LOL

      i-share na tong post na to sa officemates para alam na nila ibibigay sakin


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