Monday, November 10, 2014

I.N.O.X. watches : Tough Watches Exist!

Just when you think the brand Victorinox is just for Swiss Army knife...well, you have to rethink again!

Check out a watch store and you'll see Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. watches.  These Swiss designed watch does not only look tough on the exterior...they are REALLY tough and have stood several tests!  

The name I.N.O.X. for fellow watch lovers like myself who would like to know the history of every single watch he/she owns, well, comes from the French word for stainless steel, the solid, durable, and corrosion-resistant materials that Victorinox adopted more than 50 years before it became the norm in the Swiss watch industry.  

I.N.O.X. watches are designed to withstand unusual stress!  And here are just some of the series of tests specifically for I.N.O.X. watches ---

I.N.O.X. watches can  withstand temperature shocks from -57 degrees to +71 degrees Celsius.

They can also take on glacial cold; the watch will function non-stop and without complaint, even when frozen in an ice cube for 168 hours.


And let's talk about robustness, these timepieces can resist eight tons of compression under a hydraulic press and can resist being driven over by a trust of 25 tons or military tank weighing up to 64 tons.

Watch owners may have fear of heights, but not I.N.O.X.!  It can withstand a fall of 10 meters onto a smooth concrete surface, the approximate equivalent of a drop from a three-floor building. 

And the best thing that I like about I.N.O.X. watches thus making it part of my daily posts?  The fact that it look elegant, non-bulky and versatile to be worn anywhere!

43mm stainless steel case with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment and water resistant to 200 meters.  They are available in 3 lovely colors for the men (even women) of our lives!  With 3 shades to choose from --- Black, Khaki and Navy Blue.  These watches can be further personalized with a bumper and the removable protector in silicone and nylon lets you change the watch's look to match your every mood.


 Locally, these watches can be seen worn by celebrities who are friends of the brand.  As seen during the event were Andrew Wolff and John Spainhour!  They are perfect because they live an adrenaline-fueled lives.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch is available at SM Megamall Boutique, Century City Mall Boutique, Lucerne, Elemento, Chronos, Wrist Pod, Swiss Gear, L Timestudio, SM Department Stores and Robinson’s Department Stores. 

These watches are definitely wonderful Christmas gift ideas to the important men in our lives!

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