Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AMW Reports: Benefit Bling Brow and Interview with Jared Bailey

After doing several workshops for the brand, I must say, I know each of their products by heart!  And not one of them disappoint!  (no joke here and I'm not paid to say so!)

When I heard about the new "Bling Brow" fad, at the back of my head: "Oh no!  Maybe, there is one product from Benefit that I may not be as excited about after all!"  #Truestory

I mean who would go out on a regular day with Swarovski crystals on their brows?  Not me, and maybe...not you!  BUT, listen to this!  Benefit Cosmetics must've heard about my doubts as they invited me to interview Benefit's International Spokesperson for Global Services, also known as the Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey.  My idea about brows and Bling Brow changed --- big time!  And let me share to you why!

Oh, before I proceed, isn't he gorgeous?  I can't help but stare at his gorgeous eyes and his personality matched his gorgeous looks! 

Jared loves sharing the wonders of Benefit Beauty Services and indeed in just an hour of interview, I learned so much!  He is actually living and breathing the Benefit Brand for almost a decade, starting his career from Beauty Artist and National Trainer to U.S. Boutique Business Development and now a Brand Ambassador!  Imagine, he is from San Francisco but he only stays there 20% of the time as the rest of the percentage?  He travels worldwide to spread secrets to having good-looking brows! (Man!  His job is amazing!)

According to Jared ---
  • Jean and Jane, the creators of Benefit are the ones who invented brow-mapping.  
  • What's brow mapping?  Your brows start in line with the dimple from your nose.  
  • Next, hold the pencil horizontally from the outside corner of your nose through the outer corner of your pupil and make another mark—as this is where your arch should be.
  • As to were your brows should end?  Line the outer corner of your nose with the outer corner of your eye.  
  • Shape your brows sitting up.
  • Always start shaping brows from the bottom as shaping this area may spare you from removing hair on the upper brows.
  • Always keep natural brow shape and follow trends using brow makeup. So for Mr. Bailey, tattoo brows maybe for you but not for him!
  • Don't focus on making your brows even, instead fix one brow at a time.
  • Jared's favorite brow product?  Benefit's Gimme Brow!  (I swear by this too!  Read my review HERE)
  • Jared's favorite non-brow product --- Porefessional.  (I personally use this on my bridal clients, review HERE)
  • And now, let's talk about Bling Brow, there are made with Swarovski Crystals available in 8 shades (Rose Gold, Greige, Light Silk, Crystal, Smoked Topaz, Green Multi-color, Light Pink and Pink Multi-color)
  • These Bling not only add irresistible sparkle, they can help flatter and frame our brows. #TRUE

There are 3 ways to do Bling Brow and you can be adventurous and opt for your own design!

Touch of Bling
One brow at Php200, two brows at Php400.
Eye-catching set of Swarovski crystal that can go beneath one eye or both eyebrows.

Php600 for two brows (8 crystals per brow).
A studded set of Swarovski crystals that float above both brows.

Big Time Bling
Php400 for one brow (maximum of 10 crystals), two brows at Php700.
The most daring approach to gorgeous that bejewels the entire brows.

After interview photo-opt with The Makeup Maven and The Misty Mom!  Thanks Tasha and Jared!
Crop Top and Skirt from Maldita

Now on to the event, it was one fine day at Le Jardin and this event was hosted by Joey Mead-King.  

With opening remarks from Benefit Cosmetics' SEA General Manager, Karen Raghaven, I learned how happy they are that Filipinos responded so well to Benefit since 2011!    I love this woman so much, I met her only a couple of times during event but we shared so many stories, we even talk about our kids!

Straight from the HQ, even after a long day full of interviews, Jared Bailey wowed the crowd with his charm and wit.   He did live demo on how to do Brow Mapping.... and with the help of 3 models, Bailey demonstrated all 3 Unique Looks from Bling Brow which is a fast, flattering and instant glamorous way to turn heads perfect not only for the Christmas Season but for any special occasions!  

I wished they came in earlier as I would love to have Bling Brow during Baby AMW's first birthday party!

We also get to meet the local Benefit’s Brow GLAMbassadors: Nicole Andersson, Rima Ostwani and Rorie Carlos Manzano.

Of course, each guests were treated with a complimentary Brow Wax and Bling Brows!

I had the honor to have my Bling Brow done by Miakka Lim of Benefit Cosmetics (Thanks Miaks!)  This is my Touch of Bling and true enough, my brows looked more shaped and arch looked higher!

 Bloggers all Blinged Out!

Bling Brow can be availed starting November 2014.  Benefit Brow Bars are located in Greenbelt 5, TriNoma, Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center, Central Square, Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la.  

Thanks Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for the invite!  As always, I had tons of fun!

What type of Bling Brow would you go for and for what occasion?
I will definitely try to bling up my brows for some barkada meet-ups this season!

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