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Weekend Food Trip at: Yoree Korean BBQ Dining for AGC Christmas Party

I'm not the type who would use Social Media when I'm on the road.  But recently, I have a LOT of time to do so, take selfies, take photos of my surroundings, because I just have SO MUCH time on hand because of the crazy traffic!  #BerMonths #ManilaTraffic

When I got an invite to attend AGC's Christmas Party, the company who brought in Tony Moly, Etude House and Tous Le Jours, aside from the fact that I love all 3 brands was the venue!  If you know me pretty well, you'll know that this Chinese girl loves Korean food!  I have dined at Korean Village so many times I think the number of visits exceed my age!  :P

So yeah, a new Korean restaurant to try?  Why not brave Manila traffic all over again? 

Mind was exactly 2.5 hours driving (ONE WAY!)

Yoree Korean BBQ Dining by the way, is located at the Forum, Bonifacio Global City.  I parked at The Fort Strip (thanks Rowena for the tip) and I waked a couple of blocks to the restaurant.  

Can you imagine how famished I was?  I can literally eat a whole cow!  Or even grass along BGC! :P

So yeah, my tummy welcomed the 10 course meal prepared by AGC!  And before I talk about the restaurant and food, can I share a bit of background?

I have never been to an Etude House, Tony Moly or Tous Le Jours event, every time I got an invite, it was always a bad timing (on my part) because I always have something scheduled to do or I was out of the country, or probably just given birth!  So yeah, right timing to attend a company Christmas Party when I haven't even met anyone of them before right?

Awkward you may say but guess what?  I fit right in!  The staffs at AGC are super wonderful! And let's not forget, I also had wonderful table mates!  Fellow Beauty Bloggers, unite! :P

Now let's talk about the food...I was immediately served with appetizers.  Still a Kimchi girl!

Then the waiter with personality came over to serve us, Wagyu Beef!  We were all in heaven!

Each bite was oozing with flavors, I carefully wrapped my Wagyu beef piece together with a fresh lettuce and savor each bite as I closed my eyes!  I literally wanted to grab each piece and put it right into my mouth, but yeah, my love for my fellow blogger friends won!  :P

We also tried their marinated Chicken, ribs and some seafood!  
They can definitely be eaten alone or with hot cup of rice!

Cooked perfectly right in front of our eyes.  And guess what?  You don't have to worry about you smelling like BBQ because there isn't any smoke at all!  I was told they installed the "tube" below the table so you don't have to worry about your clothes or YOU smelling like carcinogen! 

Hae Mool Pa Jeon 
Another must-try!  This is Korean Pancake with clam meat, octopus, shrimp and green onion! 
I took a couple of bite as everyone was busy at the meat!

Jeon Ju Dol Sot Bibimbap 
Served in a stonebowl.  This is not your usual "red paste" bibimbap, 
instead, they used regular bean paste for those who can't take spicy dish.

Jap Chae
Another must!  Very flavorful noodles topped with some shrimp and vegetables.

Hae Mool Soon Tofu 
I've always wondered about this soup dish whenever I watch K-drama!  Every time I went in a Korean Restaurant, the color stopped me as it looked so red and spicy I thought I will burn my mouth!  But guess what?  This is actually medium spicy soft tofu stew with some seafood!  It tastes really good!  

Okay, I actually missed a couple!  I went ahead (mommy duties) so I missed dessert!  I heard the dessert was really good!  So yes, I definitely have to go back and bring my date (the hubby) who loves Korean food as much as I do!

Yoree Korean BBQ Dining
Address: FORUM G/F 7th cor 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City, 7th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila
And let's not forget, a Christmas party won't be complete without Christmas Goodies!
Thanks Andrea and AGC for my Tous Le Jours gift basket.

And my Tony Moly and Etude House Goodies!

Perfect timing for me to attend a Christmas Party because I work from home so I kinda missed those company parties!
Thanks AGC for making me party of your family!

Have you tried Yoree?

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