Tuesday, December 16, 2014

AMW Reports: Lacoste Poloshirt in a Watch Collection Launch (Lacoste.12.12)

Last December 12, The Isabella Ballroom C of Makati Shangrila was transformed into a small tennis court.

And of course, I had to grab a watch that matches me (Green for green-minded?  lol)  and pose.  Check out my cheeky smile, the watch fits like a glove, imagine Spiderman wearing his costume for the first time.  It just felt..right!

At a glance, you definitely see the iconic and recognizable crocodile logo!  I'm sure most of us own at least ONE Lacoste Poloshirt which was a classic!  A hit back then and definitely a hit until today!

Just a brief background about this super comfortable Lacoste Poloshirt.  The tennis legend Rene Lacoste designed this poloshirt in 1927 as a uniform for tennis that would allow better sweat absorption and freedom of movement.  He actually named it L.12.12 --- L stands for Lacoste 1 for it's one-of-a-kind-fabric, 2 for its short sleeves and 12 for the number of the final version of the design he selected for production.  

Wow, after decades, it was today that I got to learn the name of the Poloshirt and the reason behind its' name!

And don't you think it's time we do "matchy-matchy" with our Poloshirt and Watch?  

Today, Lacoste's sporting spirit is reignited in the Lacoste.12.12 Watch collection.  Perfect timing to launch this collection on 12.12 (December 12).

6 colors available which is similar to the well-loved Lacoste Poloshirt! 


If you want, you may separate them into ladies' wear

Men's Wear

But actually, there are no rules in this collection!  6 color palette works for both men and women alike depending on your mood!  Choose from Grey, Red, Blue, White, Green and Black.

According to the President for Licensed Brands, Asia Pacific of Movado Group Mr. Julian Addison, Lacoste.12.12 is all about Authenticity, Heritage, Movement, Comfort and Singularity.  The six watches offered in this collection can suit every mood, occasion, and personality!  Whether you are classical and pure, masculine and powerful or relaxed and natural, you can definitely wear the Lacoste.12.12 watches anytime of the day!

At the back of my head, in my own interpretation, the black and white Lacoste.12.12 can be for the classical and pure, Green and Blue for The Masculine and Powerful while relaxed and and natural can go for Red and Grey!  But seriously, who can tell?  Watch-wearing really depends on your personality, taste and mood, there are definitely NO RULES!

As always, in every event from this group, they always cook up exciting activities that will keep us off our seats!  During the event, we had a fun Tennis Match!  Via Wii that is!

My partner Ava and I went up to the semi rounds, we didn't make it to the finals but we all went home with a lovely Christmas Gift from Lacoste, our very own Lacoste.12.12 watch!  Check out my watch soon on Instagram!

Lacoste watches are available at L Timestudio, Wristpod, select Chronos Boutiques, SM Department Stores, The Landmark and Robinson's Department stores priced at Php7,550.00

I tell you, if you still haven't bought a gift for your special someone, family members or really good friends, you may consider the Lacoste.12.12 watches!

Which particular shade caught your interest?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. #IAMNIKKITIU super fun this event! See you around :)

    1. hahaha I enjoyed too! aren't you glad I forced you to stay? :P WINK WINK


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