Tuesday, December 9, 2014

AMW Reports: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Event

A step 1 Skin Equalizer....
Just by its' name, I have this unique, almost "immediately effective" feel!  And you know why?  It is from Make Up For Ever!  

Make Up For Ever and I goes way back before blogging when my best friend studied make up artistry at CAS, I was her model back then and I saw just how effective the product was that most of the students have this brand on their make up train case (yes, I took a peek!  I was in awe back then and I believe that sparked my interest to study Make Up Artistry as well) 

That's why when it was my turn to study make up, I made sure to have key Make Up For Ever products included as I call them my "Security blanket".  (Ex. Concealer/Corrector Palette, Eye Sealant, Setting Powder, etc...)

But before I blab further about my relationship with MUFE, I was invited to their event at SOFA last November 27th, I tell you, I got lost, making a wrong turn to C5 and went straight to Fort Bonifacio.  Thankfully, I found my way back to SOFA and it was perfect timing for me as I get to meet THE Fashion Illustrator Mr. Danilo Franco who did my profile with just a gold pen in 5 minutes max!

Then, I picked some embellishment for my black tote and I went with lace and just small flowers to be attached on my hair!  (Remember my original blog banner?)  

As I was catching up with fellow bloggers and media friends, I asked Make Up For Ever's Lyra Importante-Prieto, "What's up with today's launch?" and she replied: "Secret!"  I knew it's going to be exciting!  And upon entering the venue, I knew I had to try these Skin Equalizers.  But with such wide range, which one is for me? 

During the event, the attendees were lucky enough as we were graced by MUFE International Make Up Artist Ms. Aurelie Daniel.  She did not only introduce to us the newest product of Make Up For Ever Step 1, she also did live demo for us to see the effect.

According to Aurelie, each Skin Equalizer tube has a mission to keep everything you want gone under control, for good!  From shine, open pores, dehydration, dryness, redness and signs of fatigue.  The Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer can be used alone or mixed to make our skin look alive.

Just in case you feel just as confused as we were during the event, here's a cheat sheet to know the right Skin Equalizer for you!  

Now on to the live make up demo, Aurelie used Mattifying Base (Black tube) on the T-zone and on the rest of the model's face, she used the Blemish-Free (blue tube) because the model has blemishes and redness.

Same with Model #2, blue tube The Blemish-Free for oily skin was used to counter redness.  During the event, I learned that using "Green" primer is best if you have extreme redness, for mild redness, the blue tube is enough.

We immediately saw how essential the "right" first step is in every make up application.  Using the right primer, you can definitely see how your skin looks smoothed, bright and radiant immediately after application.

Aurelie went ahead and did the rest of the model's make up.  Everything followed easily with a perfect looking skin.

A closer look on the makeup.

No wonder Step 1 Skin Equalizer are called the true chameleons because I can see how dull, blemished skin can look smoothed and perfect like a baby!

If you are intrigued with what's inside the Step 1 Skin Equalizer?  The Equalizer Complex, which is a core of active ingredients that runs throughout the range and acts on hydration, elasticity and cellular renewal.
  • Acti Tensor 3D - a complex of sugars that redesigns the skin's texture to blur imperfections and lift the facial contours.
  • Regeactive - a vegetable sugar that boosts cellular renewal and regenerates the upper levels of the epidermis for a more even texture that looks totally unified.
  • High molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - to guard against imperceptible water loss and sheathe the skin in a perfectly invisible hyper-hydrating film.

Congratulations Make Up For Ever Team and SoFA for the successful event!  I had a wonderful time!
The Step 1 SKIN EQUALIZER will be available locally January 2015.  Visit their stores at SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma and SM MOA.

Follow them on Facebook (makeupforeverph), Instagram (@Makeupforeverphilippines).

Which particular Step 1 do you think would work for your current skin condition?
I got myself a Hydrating Primer and Radiant Primer to keep those dry areas hydrated and dull areas more radiant!  I will definitely share my review soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. GREAT! Can't wait to have them launched in France!

    1. I hope you get to try this ASAP! the base is great


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