Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lysol Global Handwashing Campaign

Hi AMW Friends!
Last October 15th, 2014 was Global Hand Washing Day.  I am so sad I missed sharing this campaign because I was really too busy and totally forgot about this campaign!  But because I still want to be part of this campaign and let everyone know how important it is to wash your hands because it really MATTERS to keep good hygiene, I am still sharing this photo of mine with a newly washed hand before and after makeup!

I used to be very lazy in hand washing but ever since I turned into a mom, I made sure to practice cleanliness as when you search online on children's death that are preventable, one major result would be Diarrhea.  And Diarrhea, really, is a preventable illness.

Now that Baby AMW is a very active toddler, I make sure not only to secure his "play area" but I make sure to wash his hands before his meal!  (Tabo, Water, Soap and all!)  I guess he's used to the idea of doing so he actually enjoys playing with water prior to eating!  I hope this simple action will be a habit for him when he grows older.

And thanks to our partner in clean household --- Lysol for sending these products.  You made Mr. AMW very happy because he is one SUPER OC dad and husband who actually enjoys cleaning the house :D  #TrueStory

 P.S. Super excited with the Lysol Skincare Hand Soap!  Didn't know they have one pala!

Who's the OC in the family when it comes to cleanliness?

My answer is --- tada!  Mr. AMW!!! :P  Sorry Love, totoo naman!

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