Saturday, December 13, 2014

AskMeMom: How do you #NurtureTheGift of your Little one?

When I got a gift basket from Promil, it hit me, I am indeed a momma!  I know, you're probably raising your eyebrows thinking: "You are obviously a mom, I see your baby photos everywhere!"  But you know what?  I still consider myself a "newbie" mom of a 1.8 years old baby and I'm sure most moms can relate to this!  Everyday is a learning experience for me.

At this very moment, you'll think my biggest concern for Kyle Nash is his proper meals, sleep and learning time?  Yes, you're right, but there's more!


As early as now, I am preparing, researching for his education.  He'll probably end up at Saint Jude Catholic School just like mama and papa but what about preschool?  What about his sleeping schedule when he starts to study?  What about his meals? 

Obviously, I am just like EVERY parent in the world, bottomline is, we all want the BEST for our children!  And recently, my toddler s going through "molar" teething and he is losing appetite, so what I do is to add more "milk time"!

As we all see in commercials, milk is still very vital for our kids for proper nutrition.  If you are a breastfeeding mom!  Yay for you and a huge pat on your back, but if you are like me who already stopped breastfeeding, you may look into milk brands that works for your kids.  And if you have kids who are going to preschool the coming year, you may want to read this....
"Recent studies show that 2 cups of milk is optimal for most preschoolers1. It is one of the best sources of Vitamin D and Calcium1 because it is composed of 3 basic foundation nutrients – Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats2. While these macronutrients are present in every glass of milk, the quality of the milk is not always the same"
Promil, Promil Pre-school contains DHA Omega-3, AA Omeg06 and Lutein to help brain development and promote vision.

I will probably let Kyle try this when he grows older! 

Fellow mommies, which milk brand do you give to your preschooler?
What do you do to nurture the gift you see in your child?
For me, I can see that Baby AMW is into books, shapes, colors and numbers.  What I do is that I create more activities that interests him, I make short, educational activities that is fun so he won't feel overwhelmed!  So far, I see how quickly he grasps and how excited he is in learning new things on a daily basis.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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