Saturday, December 6, 2014


Jergens lotion and I goes way back!  I was a high school student when I received my first bottle (with pump) as given to me by my best friend's dad (yes, close kami!)  And I shared this huge bottle with my mom and sister and the rest was history.

Fast forward to today, Jergens Original Beauty Lotion has been a very important part of our household.  How?  Well, I did share this story before but just in case you forgot, well, my mom is wearing medical stockings for her varicose and poor her for getting all those "itches"!  According to the doctor, it is advisable to apply lotion daily to keep the skin hydrated and thank goodness for Sampleroom as I got a good supply of her favorite Lotion so I'm sharing all these to her!  And my mom was surprised to see there are so many new variants and you know what's her favorite?  The Daily Moisture and Ultra Healing variant!

Personally, I love the Age Defying variant and Soothing Aloe variant!  And my sister? Naku, let's not talk about her, she's addicted to lotions and she loves them all!  

There are so many lotion brands out there but one of my favorite is definitely Jergens!  Because they have so many variants to choose from, they smell great, non-greasy and best of all?  They are inexpensive for the quality you get!  

Full size: 50ml / 100ml bottle / 100ml tube / 200ml / 500ml / 650ml
Price: Php42.00 / Php79.00 /  Php99.00 / Php 137.00 / Php246.00 / Php359.00

What's your favorite Jergens Variant?
Thank you Sampleroom!

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(Products received via Sampleroom.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


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