Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: WangFu Chinese Cafe

When I first heard that Teriyaki Boy at Tomas Morato is gone, my reaction was: "OH NO!!!"  
I may not be a super fan of Teriyaki Boy but I got used to seeing that huge sign whenever I pass by the area.  My brother told me about Ser Chief's restaurant called Wangfu and he actually brought my mom and dad to dine there and gave a thumbs up sign...I wasn't impressed.

Seriously, just the usual "use your fame while you have it, open a restaurant!" thing, that's what I thought.

Not until when my good friend from highschool came back for a vacation from the US,  she suggested to try Wangfu as she heard the restaurant serves good food.  Wow, so Wangfu restaurant made its' name even all the way to the US!  It must be good.  

I originally thought I'll see the regular Chinese dish when it took a peak at their menu, I realized, it isn't!  Wangfu offers Chinese-Singaporean cuisine.  You'll see a designated "Singapore Specials" in their menu which is something refreshing to see on a full-breed Chinese named restaurant. 

Before I talk about the food, let me share to you the ambiance,  of course, with the number of times I visited Teriyaki Boy, I can't seem to put away that "Teriyaki Boy" restaurant thought but what I noticed is that Wangfu leveled up the ambiance by adding more lights, changed to better-looking couches and chairs.  The restaurant looks more cozy yet chic.

They included round tables for big gatherings like what we did!  We actually reserved 2 round tables for a grand Pre-Holiday Meetup with my gradeschool/highschool friends.


Now on to the food shall we?

Assorted Cold Cuts
Php458.00 (approx $10.90)
Quite generous serving!  For the whole table, we get to try all the dishes included in this platter and more!  The taste?  Really good!  This platter got thumbs up from both Mr. and Mrs. AMW!

 Fish Dish
Sorry, can't find this dish on the menu but thanks to my friend for ordering this!  This tastes amazing!  Perfect with rice and the sauce is so flavorful even Baby AMW enjoyed this!

Salted Egg Fried Chicken
Php348.00 (approx $8.30)
Seriously, I'm not a fan of salted egg but the way it was cooked together with my favorite meat (chicken) gave the dish an "oomph", I was actually surprised I enjoyed this dish a lot!  And you can definitely go and finish the crispy noodles that comes with the dish.

Cereal Prawns
Php488.00 (approx $11.60)
Not bad!  I gave this a skip due to my allergies but I saw my husband's reaction when he took one bite!  Definitely a must-order when you visit the restaurant.  I can definitely hear the "crunch" on every bite.

Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee
Php288.00 (approx $6.85)
Okay, I did tell you Wangfu serves not only regular Chinese dishes but also unique ones?  Well, try ordering Sweet & Sour pork in ANY Chinese restaurants and you may find them tasting a bit similar to each other!  Not with Wangfu's!  Their Sweet & Sour pork comes with Lychee!  Honestly speaking, I am NOT a fan of lychee but I actually enjoyed this dish (not eating the lychee part) but the fruit did not overpower the dish, instead, it gives a hint of unique flavor on every bite.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Php228.00 (approx $5.30)
 I can't say the Fried Rice tastes AMAZING but it does taste really good!  Nothing unique but definitely a great partner to all the yummy dishes I tried.

Overall, the servers are friendly, the ambiance fits social gatherings as the space is ample enough plus the Christmas decors are just right! 

The prices are quite affordable considering the quality and quantity of food you get!

AMW with friends
Wang Fu Chinese Cafe
Unit 201 Don A. Roces Ave., Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(632)410 0304

Have you dined at Wangfu?
Any other dishes I should try on my next visit?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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