Friday, January 9, 2015

#KyleNash 's First OOTD

My baby AMW is definitely a big boy today!  Looking at his photo, I can't help but reminisce on that moment when I held him in my arms --- all 4.2lbs of him!  Yes, he was underweight and super fragile.  Looking at him today, I want to give Mr. AMW and myself a pat on the back for a job well-done!  Yes, first-timer parents here but we're doing a great job!  (In my very humble opinion :P)

As I browse through KN's photos, I chanced upon this cute OOTD photos of him that I want to post!  Dear AMW friends, do not expect me to do a series of KN's OOTD ha?  It is VERY difficult to take outfit shots of a very active toddler!  *laughs*

But that fateful day when I took my parents and brother to Hot Star, as we were waiting for our orders, Kyle grabbed his dad's phone and did this pose...thankfully, we are quick, and took this shot!  

The photo says: "Please do not text or take calls or DAYDREAM about Crispy Chicken when you are crossing the street!" 
Ayan, pang safety ad ha!  That's a public service from KN!

Yup!  He is THAT fast I call him my mini-Flash!

Since this is a Kid's OOTD post, all thanks to Mr. AMW's cousin/KN's Ninang for the Polo Ralph Lauren top!  As for his checkered shorts, the brand is called L.O.G.G.  And for his shoes, DC Kids shoes!

Yes, ALL kids grow up VERY fast and if you ask me what's the best time to splurge on shoes?  THIS STAGE!  The time when he's comfortable with walking and starts to run, I personally think this is the best time to splurge on good quality shoes that is very comfortable for the toddler!  All thanks to my ex-colleague Vianca for sending KN his first DC kids shoes!

Kagigil no?

For more information on DC Kids Footwear and DC shoes, visit

Do you like Kyle Nash's OOTD?
Do you like his new kicks?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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    1. Hay, true! I watch him din when he sleeps and can't believe how big he's grown!


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