Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How To: My Birthday Look

Hi AMW Friends!  Before the 28th!  I changed my Facebook Profile picture and actually posed for my Birthday Look with my Birthday Makeup!  

Here it is!  The first photo using a toned down lip color for day time while the right side is obviously meant for Party!  YAY!

If you are interested, I've finally created a photo-torial for this look! 

Step 1: Foundation
Since I wanted a dewy finish, I chose a hydrating foundation from L'Oreal called L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation in shade N7 blending using my damp Nippon Pro Blend Sponge.

Step 2: Brows
Defined and colored my brows using the Naris Up Day Keep Brow Mascara and Cover Girl Brow & Eye Makers Pencil in Soft Brown.

Step 3: Eye Primer
Since I will be using a loose mineral eyeshadow in this tutorial, I picked an eyeshadow primer from Virginia Olsen. 

Step 4: Eyes
Apply a good amount of Etude House Look at My Eyes shadow in GR703.  Adding more on the outer corner of the eyes to create gradient effect.

Using a smaller pencil brush, apply Virginia Olsen Minerals in Lilac on the center of the eyelid using patting motion.

Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with Benefit High Brow Glow.

Create a thin liner above the upper lashline using Mary Kay's newest Liquid Liner.  (Review for this product soon!)

Using a creamy pencil liner from Pixi By Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in Glimmery Black, connect the liner from above and gently apply from thick to thin strokes, smudge it immediately for a "smoked out" effect.  Now most of the time, pencil liners smudge!  To prevent panda eyes, use the same green eyeshadow from Etude House to set.

Step 5: Lashes
This step is optional, but because it is my birthday and I have non-existent lashes, I picked a very natural-looking, easy-to-use Red Cherry Eyelashes in DS03.  I also picked Mini-Gloo Eyelash Adhesive (both are available at DTC Makeup store)

This short, winged-out lashes from Red Cherry feels so light and looks oh-so-natural!

Optiona: Apply a good coat of mascara to combine both real and faux lashes!  Used Benefit's Roller Lash mascara because I can skip curling my lashes.

Closer Look

Feel free to apply another layer of liner once the lash glue dries!

Step 6: Set with Powder
I love Ellana Mineral Powder and I discovered a new shade that works so well on me!  Pumpkin Pie Latte has an orange hue thus creating a nice glow to my overall look!

Step 7: Highlight
This step is also optional, pick a powder a bit lighter than your skin tone and set your undereye makeup and apply also at the bridge of the nose.  I used the Tony Moly Cotton Pact Delight Powder sample.

 Step 8: Warm up your face and Blush
 Instead of the usual "contour", I prefer to pick a bronzer to warm up my face!  The perfect palette for this tutorial is from ARTDECO.  This is a limited Edition Brozing Glow Blusher!

I used the bronzer part and warm up my face with Letter E motion.

Picked some of the "pinkish glow" on the left hand side of the palette blending a bit of the bronzer and use as blush.

Step 9: Lips
You've probably seen both lip looks when I posted the Ofra February Promotion.  But feel free to pick any lip color you want on your birthday!

Nude Lips for day time

Hot red lips for night time

Can you see how much different your makeup look by just changing the color of your lipstick?

Of course, for my birthday, I'd rather go for red lips because is a lucky color!

How do you like my Birthday Look?
How would you do your "special day" makeup?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. super love talaga nung red cherry eyelashes ms nikki! i bought mine from hortaleza (not hbc) and im curious with mary kay eyeliner you used here! super love the daytime look ms nikki!

    1. I know! ako din! It is so easy to use! :)
      Thanks for picking your favorite look, my family loved the daytime look kasi di talaga sila sanay sa heavy makeup :D

    2. i wonder ms nikki bakit pag sa iba ang dali maglagay ng false lashes sa sarili ko hirap ako =( any tips?

    3. Click this link, I've created a post for this

  2. You are so beautiful with that look. And happy birthday to you. <3

  3. beautiful celebrant! hope i can do the same makeup too.

  4. Haven't tried false eyelashes before. Is it reusable or disposable? Or it depends?

    1. Yes, you can reuse this many times as long as you take care of it! Put it in a nice case after every use and remove the glue

    2. Thank you. Actually my sister also asked me this question. #firsttime

  5. What a gorgeous look! You rock red lips!

  6. You look stunning! Can you please post a tutorial for people with pigmented eyelid? I have been buying eyeshadow pallet but i have yet to find the one na will make my eyes pop. Lahat ng binili ko makes my eyes look madumi and tired. I will appreciate if u can post a tutorial for that.

    1. thanks! sure, will post a tutorial on that! Thanks :)


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