Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015 in Celebration of Women's Month

Which particular Shiseido Product do you love?
I can't pick one!  I have a lot of favorites and most of them are from their Skincare line!  As much as I would love to play favorites, I caught up their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and I'm literally drooling!  

As soon as the event started, we were welcomed by Shiseido Japan and Chief Makeup Artist Carmel Villongco to Shiseido's International Beauty Fair for the 2nd year. 

She introduced to us her Shiseido favorites, tips and secrets in achieving flawless and healthy glowing skin.

And the surprise of the day?  Shiseido flew in a seasoned beauty consultant straight from Osaka, Japan --- Ms. Naka Maeda.

Ms. Maeda did a live demonstration on how to remove makeup, apply skincare and of course, how to create "Glowing Beauty" using both makeup and skincare.  Lucky Rowena! :D


From what I remember, some star products she used are --- Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer, Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Stick Concealer and some color makeup.

Rowena' Final Look
Doesn't she look like a fresh grad?

After the event, I looked around the makeup station and wanted to try all the lippies!  BUT, just like you, I am too lazy to remove my current lippie!  So here's another good news!  

Shiseido has a Beauty Simulator (app) wherein you can try their newly-launched makeup collection without having to take out your makeup!

I tried Brown Eyeshadow, Pink Lipstick and a toned down peach blush!  Nice no?

And here's the best news, YOU can try the activities mentioned above PLUS MORE!
  • Masterclass makeup and skincare workshop conducted by Carmel Villongco.  Shiseido is giving personalized course certificates to all attendees.
  • Skincare analysis and consultation using tools like Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor which instantly measures your skin's actual age versus your real age. 
  • Beauty Simulator that mirrors the state of your skin once you've started on the right skin care regimen.
  • Complete Shiseido Makeover that includes eyebrow reshaping and personalize dmakeup tutorial.
  • Pampering activities like quick facial and hand massages.
The 2015 International Beauty Fair will run in 3 premier malls this month:
  • SM Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center on March 13-19.
  • Podium Activity Center on March 23-28
  • SM Mall of Asia Atrium on March 29-31
Check out Shiseido Phlippines FB page, Twitter and Instagram for more updates (@ShiseidoPH)

Congratulations Shiseido PH Team and thank you Sample Room for the invite!
Shiseido Philippines Brand Manager Ms. Jen Jimenez
and before I end this post, let me leave good vibes to everyone!  Shiseido samples will be available at www.sampleroom.ph!  Watch out for it!  I don't have the specific dates so let's join together in refreshing their website!  #lol

What is your favorite Shiseido Product?
Mine is the Shiseido Ultimune!  I actually use this as my makeup base!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. been in a shiseido makeup workshop (i was invited by ms rowena she's with sophie too)

  2. tried an essence and mask from shisedo and they were so good, nag glow talaga skin ko...sanatsambahan ko yung sa sampleroom

    1. Hay I agree, my first Shiseido "try" was from HK! I bought a super small sample size and it works like magic in just 1 week!

  3. I love the Ultimune too! I find it really effective in making my skin glow! :)

    1. same here! I use it alone na nga lang eh!

    2. I am using ngayon yung nakuha ko sa event na Bio-performance, parang ultimune din. although mas nakaka glow yung ultimune :)

  4. I hope I could download Shiseido app sa App Store or Google Play ^_^

    1. I'm not sure if it's available, only in store lang

  5. i keep on staring on the golden product


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