Monday, April 20, 2015

The Body Shop BeauTEAful Event for Fuji Green Tea Range

How to launch a Fuji Green Tea Range of skincare products?

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

Create an Origami Contest

Give some of the guest a chance to have a good hand massage using Fuji Green Tea Range products!  (smells seriously good! And oh, thanks to Argie I learned the layering technique!  Will share more about this as you read further.)

Feed the guests with really good food from Dusit Thani Hotel.

Give a live Tea Drinking Ceremony with an expert from Zaan Japanese Tea House.

And The Body Shop Philippines nailed the Fuji Green Tea Range launch by doing all the steps above AND MORE! 

I am 100% Chinese and I also lived in China for 3.5 years so I know how important green tea is in terms of its purifying qualities.  In every Chinese household you visit, you'll see Green Tea Leaves in their kitchen!  I actually enjoyed a cup of green tea myself after every meal!  Aside from the Chinese, our neighboring country Japan also understands the health benefits a green tea has for over 400 years!  That's why they have Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Aside from tea drinking, I learned that Japanese women apply green tea to their skin and some of them even bathe in it!  This is actually a skincare secret that has been part of beauty regimens for generations!  They believe tea can help retain moisture and tighten pores!

Inspired by that concept, The Body Shop has taken this knowledge further and create the Fuji Green Tea range!  We definitely do not have to boil our green tea leaves to bathe in them or apply them on our skin!  The Fuji Green Tea range includes skin care products infused with the purifying power of green tea!

Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub
Used to detox and cleanse with a refreshing scent.  

Fuji Green Tea Body Wash
Also available in Body Soap.  Choose any of the 2 variants as these 2 products will help cleanse and revitalize our skin after exfoliation.

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter
Based from our favorite The Body Shop Body Butters, they have the same texture yet the scent is amazingly refreshing! 

As much as I love the feel of these butters, it is summer time in the Philippines so I am opting for something more lightweight!  There are 2 to choose from ---

Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion

or Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

Both the lotion and Body Sorbet are extremely lightweight so I advise normal and oily skinned users to choose this instead of the butters.  But for me who suffers from extreme skin hydration, I opt for the Body Butters to be applied at night before I go to bed!  

Then this last step, I learned during the event and I can't wait to incorporate that to my skincare regimen! To keep the refreshing scent all day!  We do the layering technique and it's not a technique done only on makeup but on skincare products as well!

Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne
The first cologne by The Body Shop as most of the time they offer Body Mists!  Spritzing this all over your body after doing all the steps above will "lock in" the fragrance thus giving me that refreshing scent longer!  It lingered until I went home late at night!
 This is one of the best collection (yet) from The Body Shop!  I have never been excited with anything "Green Tea" scent until today!

The new Fuji Green Tea Collection is available at selected The Body Shop branches. All SM Advantage Card members can now earn and redeem points in all The Body Shop stores.

Which among the Fuji Green Tea product/s would you like to purchase?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I would love to try the body wash! I have extremely sensitive skin. and the only thing that I've been using for more than 15 years now is Dove. Never changed my soap since then. I've even tried using insanely expensive stuff but none so far worked on my nasty skin. I wonder if I could use things like those someday... It's a good thing my mom can use anything, I wonder if I should buy the body wash or scrub for her. (^...^) How's UMU by the way? Have you tried po the tea and salmon especially?

    1. wow..really? well..give this a try! I love Body Shop body washes!
      I just tried the tea at UMU and super nice, but not the salmon!

  2. ms nikki do you speak mandarin too? =)

  3. hihi ang kulit! natututo lang ako ng mangilan ngilan sa tv =)


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