Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Switch and Save with Me and Watsons

I am a proud smart shopper!  I really am!  Most of the items you see I purchase are either slashed from its original price or most of the time, they are in very good deal!  Like Buy 1 Take 1 or 50% off!  

Thanks to my mom as I learned to be a smart shopper as long as I remember!  And now that I'm a mom, I am definitely going for more savings for my son's future!  And aside from that, I still want to spoil my hubby once in awhile for his love for gadgets and satisfy my need to travel!

And looking through our expenses, most of our budget goes to payment for basic utilities and of course, personal care items!  

Thankfully, my favorite store to shop for my beauty essentials, personal care items and even medicines --- Watsons is giving us consumers choice to save as much as 80% without compromising on quality --- and I can attest to that because I am a loyal Watsons label customer!  Check with Watsons SM Sta. Mesa branch, some of the SAs already knew me (the mom with a running kid! hahaha)

How to be a smart and savvy shopper?

Check out the "Switch & Save" booth whenever you go in a Watsons Store.  I always take a look at their Buy 1 Take 1 promotions and other good deals.

Get a free Php300.00 coupon with a minimum single-receipt purchase of Php1,500.00 from the participating Watsons Label products and exclusive participating brands.  This promotion will run until May 20, 2015!

Then I go in and check out for my usual favorites!

Watsons Baby Bath - the Baby Milk Bath variant (blue) is my ultimate favorite!  I even tried using this on Kyleand guess what?  He didn't have any allergic reactions so this is at par with expensive brands! 

Next comes my favorite Watsons Invigorating Wet Tissues!  I highly stock up on these because the quality of these wet wipes is really good!  They don't tear and are extremely soft and gentle on skin!

And I can always save up on pocket tissues when I choose Watsons Label, and the best part?  They are packed in cute cartoon!  Hello Tweety Bird - "I tot I taw a pootie cat!"

Another favorite product of mine is the Watsons Cream and Gel Hand Soap.  My favorite variant is the Honey & Milk and Lavender & Chamomile Scented.

I've hit the tube so many times and I'm glad I did not throw out the containers!  I'm so happy to see their Refill packs because I seriously want to save the environment and save money!

And did you know that I love the Watsons Hair Spa Hair Treatment?  I blogged about this in the past and I'm so happy to see more variants available! Girls, check this out!  They have Argan Oil Variant which would work well on girls with frizzy hair! And buy one take one for a huge tub for only Php199.00?  BEST DEAL EVER!

As a make up artist, this part of the aisle is perfect!

And guess who I saw made a surprise visit as Store Supervisor for a day at Watsons Store SM Mall of Asia?  Christian Bautista!  Look how cute he looks helping out customers/fans.

I met Christian Bautista 3-4 years ago when I was a judge for Ms. Silka and he was a guest singer that time!  I had a quick chat with him about his "new gig" as a Watsons Store Supervisor and he told me how much he love to be part of Watsons Family because he enjoyed shopping at Watsons even before he became a celebrity endorser.  Christian said: “As a singer, I really have to be extra careful of my oral hygiene so I always have a ready charcoal toothbrush, mouthwash, breath strips and even dental floss in my bag.”

He actually advised me to look around the store because there are so many finds you wouldn't believe!  And he's right!  For so many times I've visited the store, I still feel amazed on how many types and kinds of products you may find for you and the whole family!
Hair Tools

More Bath Products from Body Washes

and Body Lotions

And something new for me --- Cleansing Products for the face!

Face Masks!

and treatment shampoos and conditioners!

I seriously can't wait to try more Watsons Label products!  I've already switched and saved a lot and I enjoyed checking out my receipt after every shopping because you can literally see how much money you saved!

Thank you so much Watsons Philippines and First Tier agency for inviting me to such fun event! 

Like Christian, watch out for the other ambassadors Tessa, Patty, and Iya to make their surprise appearances at the Watsons stores nearest you.  And please, don't be shy to approach them, they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable with their favorite Watsons label products and ask them advise on how to Switch and Save!

What is your favorite Watsons Label product/s?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. woot! i know the feeling ms nikki, its like the feeling nung nameet ko kayo personally (it was really a happy feeling) pasensya na kayo ms nikki sobrang nahihiya ako lumapit sa inyo pero nagtry pa rin ako =)

    i never thought na mas bubbly at mas approachable kayo in person =)

    i really learned a lot ms nikki! (from the saturday event) -- parang di pa po ako nakamove on hihi =)

    1. Yay next time wag ka nang mahiya! tignan mo naman ako walang kahiya hiya! hahaha but I'm glad to know you won di ba? one of my giveaway! so happy! keep on reading and I appreciate the love you give for me and my blog :)

    2. promise po ms nikki! kahit na wala po tayong picture together hehe may autograph sign ako haha =) (ilalagay ko sa scrap book ms nikki hehe)

  2. I will be in Phils next week and going to Watsons to shop is on my list! Will hoard skin care goodies and bring them back in Sydney. That way I know I will be saving a lot. Cant wait!

  3. Wow...ive been a part of watson as employee. I miss working with watson! I love dr products lalo na ung buy one take one. U really can save a lot.

    1. wow ! I love Watsons employees, lahat friendly at mababait :D

    2. Oh yes... One of the core values ng watson is to be friendly always. Kaya lng lagi po ako nasisita sa make up. Hahaha di ko carry mg make up like others..na malinis and bagay sa knila. Pag ako na ng make up feeling ko ang bigat ng face ko. Hahaha thanks sa mga co-worker ko kahit papano they helped me sa eyebrows ko. Thanks a lot ms. Nikki kakakainspire mgmake up tuloy☺

  4. I buy my daughter's bath and skincare items at Watsons. Who doesn't love Watsons? You'll find products for every member of the family. And i am like you, looking for things to buy while looking after a running kid, haha!

    1. :) I LOVE watsons! seriously can't live without Watsons! I buy my napkins, toiletries like Tissue Paper there too! Lalo na mga oil control films that I give to my bridal clients :D

  5. OMG, I love Watsons too! We constantly repurchase their hand soaps because you can't beat the price, the packaging, and the scent. I love their wet wipes and hair spa too! I'm gonna try the facial cleansers next.

    1. I love their hand soaps! SUPER!!! even my mom is a loyal user!

  6. We always hoard a lot of hand washes from Watsons. Super affordable and smells really great! (^....^)

  7. yes, every where i see a watsons store, i go & check what's on sale; even convinced husband to hoard on hand washes! next, will try the face masks & collagen products, as an alternative to my expensive moisturiser! love reading your reviews because i'm not adventurous when it comes to my face-super sensitive!


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