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How To Maximize the use of your Wedge Sponge

How to use a Wedge Sponge?
Seriously, how difficult it is to use one?  NOT difficult at all but would you believe if I tell you that these Wedge Sponges are shaped like that for a reason?  And that you can maximize each corner of these sponges to create flawless foundation? 

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As much as Beauty Blenders are the "in" makeup sponges nowadays, if you are on a budget and wanted to create a flawless face without the Beauty Blender?  Well, it is possible with your regular wedge sponge!  All you have to do is buy one and the tips from me will now! :D

Tip: Use damp sponge for lighter coverage, use dry sponge for heavy coverage.

Wide Side of the Wedge Sponge
a.k.a. The most "used" area of the sponge!

Use this widest part of the sponge for the big areas around your face!  From the cheeks to the forehead, this is the best side to use for better and more even coverage!  Start at the center of your face with dabbing motion and gently work all the way to the outer side of your face.  Make sure to check each area as you blend for obvious streaks and blend it away using light pressure and short, quick strokes. 

The Base of the Wedge Sponge
a.k.a. the most unused portion

I always tell my clients this side of the sponge is there for a reason!  And I find this the perfect shape and size for concealer application on the undereye area!  How?

Apply a good amount of concealer underneath the eye and use the "base" of the sponge and gently "dab" (not rub) the concealer.

How To Maximize the use of your Wedge Sponge

Once you're almost done blending all the harsh edges, feel free to "flip" the base of the sponge in a vertical angle (as shown on photo below) and continue blurring out harsh edges!  Don't forget to use quick, short strokes in doing so!  If concealer/corrector is sliding off, feel free to reapply another layer and redo the step!

How To Maximize the use of your Wedge Sponge

This base side of the wedge sponge is also perfect to clean up lipstick application mishaps!  You can also define or redefine the shape of your lips using the base of the sponge!

The Edge of the Wedge Sponge
a.k.a. We know it's there for a reason but we're just too lazy to use it!

The edge of the wedge sponge, I realized, is the perfect took in reaching out the most difficult areas to reach --- the sides of the nose!  With a concealer or foundation, feel free to dab makeup on this area to reduce redness or the sight of pores!  

This side can also be used as a perfect "nose contouring" tool!  Dip this side with a darker foundation (powder or liquid) and gently touch the side of the wedge sponge directly on the side of your nose that needed the contour.  Use the clean/opposite side of the sponge and gently blend out harsh edges!

Extra Tips for Wedge Sponge application ---
  • Latex and Latex-free sponges area available.  Both are good quality but choose non-latex if you have sensitive skin.
  • Though wedge sponges are disposable, you can re-use it at a max of 3 times as long as you wash them well after every use.  And of course, if you use it only on ONE face.
  • Always DAB, never rub or buff when you use these sponges!
  • What is the best Wedge Sponge brand I've tried?  I used to use the ones from Rustans but they're not available anymore.  Now, I'm using Nippon Esthetics' Wedge Sponges in pack of 32 priced at Php200.00. (available HERE)
Photo taken from Nippon Esthetics website
  • The reason why Beauty Blenders are a huge hit because they don't have sharp edges as compared to wedge sponges, keep in mind to always look for obvious demarcation and blend it out.
  • As much as coverage is perfect when you apply foundation on a dry sponge, it does tend to "absorb" some of your liquid foundation so I highly recommend to apply foundation first at the back of your hand and grab a small amount of foundation and apply.  The foundation won't absorb as much foundation if you go layer-by-layer.
I hope you learn something from me today!
Do you use wedge sponge in foundation application?

Did I inspire you to use one?  *I hope!*
Feel free to share more "Wedge Sponge" tip if you're a loyal user of this tool!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! Never thought that the Base of the Wedge Sponge is made for that haha, 'Will definitely do that next time I apply foundation. :) Thanks Ms. Nikki!

    1. well there are so many uses pa sa base ng sponge! :D

  2. Definitely an amazing tip! Never thought that I could use it for contouring! I've been using these types of sponges ever since but Nippon Esthetics offers them at a cheaper price. It's really a good thing I've read this post. Thanks a lot po for that wonderful tip! (^....^)

    1. yes, and super good quality! :) My pleasure, I"m glad to share this simple tip

  3. "Tip: Use damp sponge for lighter coverage, use dry sponge for heavy coverage" (thank you for this tip ms nikki! i thought damp sponge is for heavy coverage! i was wrong all the time!)

    1. my pleasure! Yup, that's a tip some of us tend to forget :D

    2. i take note on this ms nikki! =)


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