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The Body Shop New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ Review

Can you see any difference from my photo below with all the photos I posted in the past?

photo of The Body Shop New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ Review
Can't tell?  Well, my face look "whiter"!  In a way, it isn't that "white" when I complete the rest of my makeup routine.  But just so you know, I found a Powder Foundation compact that you can literally see the brightening and whitening result immediately after just 1 application!  And mind you, I am using the right shade!

The Body Shop New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation in Shade 03

photo of The Body Shop New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ Review

What makes this powder foundation unique is that it comes with a foundation and highlighter!  You can use both together or separately!

The Body Shop New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation says ---
This multipurpose product containing foundation and a highlighter creates a flawless looking complexion with a multi-dimensional luminous finish.

  • Velvety smooth texture 
  • Shine absorbing
  • SPF 25 PA+++
  • New soft, high quality double-sided sponge
  • Multi-dimensional radiance
  • Wider colour range
The New Moisture WhiteTM Bright Compact Foundation is enriched with whitening Shiso and Vitamin C and formulated with ultra-fine spherical beads. The ultrafine spherical beads can be found in both the foundation and highlighter and contribute to the velvety feel and application, and also the smoothness of the powder.  This new compact provides a soft focus effect to help conceal pores, imperfections and fine lines. When applied using the delicate sponge, it fuses with the skin to hide imperfections in a flawlessly even coverage that look sensationally smooth.

AMW says ---
  • Packaging.  I like round shaped powder foundation packaging.
  • Gives light to medium full coverage.
  • Gives a nice brightening and illuminating effect.
  • Texture is super smooth and feels really nice upon application.
  • Comes with SPF25 PA+++
  • I like the fact that the highlighter is separated as there are days I just like to use the foundation or just the highlighter.
  • No bits of glitters or obvious shimmer.
  • The sponge!  It is not the usual sponge as it has a rough (velvet buffer) and smooth side (sponge).
  • Comes with wide color range (6 shades) 
  • Oil control is decent, I can literally apply once and it lasts the whole day (for dry skin or normal skin users)

  • Price.  A bit steep for a powder foundation compact.
  • Since it gives a natural "whitening and brightening effect" the foundation may look too pale on an already pale skinned.  On the other hand, dark skinned users may find this powder too light for them.
  • May create white cast in direct flash photography.
  • Coverage - you may still need a separate concealer or corrector.  
A unique powder foundation as you can control the coverage by using either side of the sponge!  This gives light to medium heavy coverage and this powder can even out the skin, blur out certain skin issues (to an extent) like redness, dark spots and pores.  


  • Use the Velvet Buffer or the rough side for a natural finish, use the smooth side for fuller coverage.
  • Wash sponge before usage.
  • Use a big fluffy brush if you don't want the possible white cast.
  • I prefer not to combine both the highlighter and powder, instead, I use the foundation side all over face and use the highlighter side to "highlight" only key areas.
  • Since these shades are a tad bit lighter than the regular powder foundation, try purchasing 1 shade darker than your usual shade.  (I'm an 03 for regular TBS face products so I can try 04 just for this specific one)
  • Use dabbing motion in EVERY application if you have dry skin to prevent skin from exfoliating thus causing more obvious dry flakes.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Best used by normal, combination and oily skin.  The illuminating properties of this powder foundation may "highlight" skin dryness if not moisturized properly prior to application.   Please read further below on what I did to help "lessen" dryness when I use this.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Local TBS counters for Php1,695.00 (approx $38.50).

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Each TBS New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation are sealed upon purchase!

You can see the Shade 03 at the back and you can peel off this sticker to see ingredients list.

Before and After
(Sorry for the sudden change of skin tone, but both photos were taken with indirect flash using same camera settings.) 
Before Photo: Skin redness and undereye darkness.
After photo: Skin looks more even, less or almost non-existent redness, still have minimal undereye darkness.

As even as my skin looks, the only downside is that in person, I look like I obviously had makeup on.  And I applied only a thin layer of TBS New Mositure White Bright Compact Foundation.

Half Face Test
The coverage is wonderful and my skin looks bright and even.  I only need to purchase a shade darker to keep my face from looking too fair and pale in person.

Now here is my way to keep skin from looking really dry and flaky after using this foundation.  The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum is an overnight serum but I love applying serums instead of regular moisturizers prior to makeup application.

I applied just a tiny amount of this concentrating on the dry areas of my face before I "Pat" the Powder foundation. So yes, this serves as my primer! 

And this is the result after adding up serum!  I love how clean, fresh and bright my skin look and the flakiness is gone!

How do you find the new TBS New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation with SPF25 PA+++?
Do you like the idea of highlighter and foundation in one?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Amazing po ung before and after u sa makeup porfolio...may igaganda pa ako...hahaha

    1. hahahah meron na meron tayong igaganda! with or without make up, try SMILING! :D BIG SMILE!

  2. Amazing po ung before and after u sa maje up porfolio...may igaganda pa ako. Nyay! Hehehe

  3. Amazing po ung before and after u sa makeup porfolio...may igaganda pa pla ako...nyay! Heheeh

  4. im curious with TBS New Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation with SPF25 PA+++!!!!

    1. Maganda siya, nakakaputi talaga! hahahah

    2. i love TBS ms nikki! and im saving up to get their brush set!

  5. Having a highlighter in a foundation is a good idea. Saves on the number of products to buy and to bring. For those who would like to buy this, i guess they must try this first before deciding on the shade to buy, 'coz it's kinda deceiving and the lights at the mall may affect and hide its actual color. The price is not for me so i'm not gonna be buying this one.

    1. totoo! You really have to test it on your face!


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