Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Belo Sunexpert, also Available for Kids!

I used to slather on sun protection on a daily basis!  Ever since I became a mom, my "beauty regimen" turned upside down!  At times, I go: "Beauty regimen..what?"  Because it's almost non-existent!  

Thankfully, I am a Beauty Blogger who tests beauty products so as lazy as I maybe, I force myself to do so to see results so I can report to my loyal readers who are waiting for my thoughts on specific products.

Sunblock, sun protection....I threw a lot of them away as most of them are expired and the rest were given away!  Who needs them when I'm not going out much?  

Well, I need them!  Whenever I walk to my mom's house, when I drive to events, I need them so badly but in my mind, I'd rather sacrifice for my son's safety!

Then I received a cute package from my Sample Room Family.  Yeah, cute but I may probably give them all away! 

Then I spotted an extra bottle that says NEW!  I gave a huge smile and said: "Finally!"

I've tried all Belo Sunexpert products during the Sample Room #SplashofSummer Getaway last year

My favorite is the Belo Sunexpert Transparent Mist in SPF50 PA+++ because you literally feel like spritzing water all over your body!  It is refreshing, non-greasy and super lightweight!  And the best part?  You are really protected from the sun because I went home without turning even a teeny-bit dark!

Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF 50
Php449.75 for 100ml

Then if I wanted more protection, like when I plan to go swimming, I'd pick Belo SunExpert SPF60 PA+++ anytime of the day because it stays on my skin longer thus I can enjoy the water longer!   This is a lotion type formulation but still very lightweight, gets absorbed into the skin easily and leaves no oily or greasy feel.

Belo SunExpert SPF 60 
Php459.75 for 100ml

As for the face, Belo Has one called Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 PA+++
This is non-sticky, doesn't give me allergic reactions and most of all, it does not give me the white cast as long as I massage the product on my face properly.

Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 
Php329.75 for 50ml 

As much as I would still love to use all 3 products mentioned above, I'd rather go for products safe for kids thus I can protect myself still from the sun at the same time protect my son's skin because he is an ultimate CLINGY! :D

 Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 
Php539.75 for 140ml
  I know other brands have kid-friendly sun protection but seldom do I find one in a sheer spray form!  I prefer this type of formulation because I can apply this all over my body in no time!  Who has time when you're a full-time mom? 

I tested this product for more than a week now and all I can say is that it is indeed safe for kids because Kyle did not have any allergic reactions when I use this product!  This is a quick-absorbing product, non-sticky and I can actually get away without reapplying (on days I don't stay under the sun too long)! 

Thanks Belo for coming up with such product for moms and kids-at-heart like me!
Belo SunExpert samples are also available at!

Have you tried this new variant from Belo SunExpert?
Fellow moommies, do you use sunblock with kids around?

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(Products received via Sampleroom.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. ah.. dunno.. If I'd get one of this or I'd still wait for the Shiseido samples from Sampleroom. sana makaabot naman po ako at makakuha na ng sample this time.... (-_-")

  2. oh dear look at that army of sun protection =) from head to toe! lately ko lang naappreciate ang value ng mga sunblocks =(


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