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AMW Reviews: Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

I always check Etude House website because I am in love with their products and their packaging!  As much as I would love to get into their stores, I rarely do so because my son screams out of excitement upon seeing those bunny-like packaging!  And once, he was holding this mascara he doesn't want to return it so I nearly had to purchase the mascara (but didn't because he isn't supposed to like mascaras lol)

The point of the story *laughs* is that I enjoy checking out new products from the brand and this newest primer caught my attention!  Tell me, isn't the ad too cute and adorable?  It had me at "For the Perfect #NoFilter Selfie".

a photo of Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

So off I got my own bottle even before I was sent a bottle by the brand (Thank you Etude House Philippines!) Here I am, mid-30s, combination skin (dry/sensitive/normal), ready to reveal if this product is worth it or not!


a photo of Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

How different is the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur from other similar primers like that from The Body Shop and Happy Skin?  

Well, if you do not plan to stay long in this site, let me tell you one thing: "This product works for Oily and combination skin with fair to medium skin tone!"  

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur review

Etude House Beaut Face Blur says ---

Don't you wish there was magic skin in real life? Beauty Shot Face Blur acts like photo filters for your skin!  It instantly gives selfie-ready complexion making skin smooth, poreless and bright that looks natural both on screen and in real life.
  • Baby Pixel Powder or "Blur Powder" has super fine particles that make skin smooth and soft while covering pores.  Cover Powder Hides skin imperfections and diffuses light for beautiful photos.
  • Airy Skin Powder  that are micro sized, controls sebum and covers the skin lightly for a long lasting smooth face.

AMW says ---
  • Packaging.
  • Can minimize or blur out pores but not completely remove them. (please read my tip portion on how to achieve this)
  • Lightweight.
  • Does not feel heavy on skin.
  • Gives a decent oil control.
  • You can definitely achieve bright-looking skin using this primer.
  • Can lessen red marks.
  • Does not create white cast when photographed.
  • Looks actually good on photos.
  • No allergic reactions.

  •  Can enhance dryness if you have dry skin.
  • The product is really light (even lighter than my skin) so I medium to dark skinned users may need some foundation "adjustment" to keep the face from looking too light.
  • Has SPF15
  • Price
The Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur reminds me so much of the Baby Choux Base.  The difference is that, Baby Choux Base has a cream texture while the Beauty Shot Face Blur is more liquid!  BUT, the Baby Choux Base has more hydrating properties thus that product works better on me as compared to the Beauty Shot Face Blur which is perfect for users with Oily skin.


  • Best applied before foundation after skin care.
  • If you have enlarged pores, best to apply with a sponge and apply with dabbing motion for the product to "settle in" and not sit on top of the pores making it look more enlarged!
  • If you have medium or darker skin, don't forget to let the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur settle down, it usually takes around 5 minutes before you go on with your regular foundation! 
  • Since this look a bit too light on me and I seldom use liquid foundation on a regular basis, I apply bronzer on key areas of my face to contour and keep my face from looking pale.
  • If you really like the brightening effect and feel of this primer yet find this product too drying?  Mix with your favorite lightweight moisturizer to lessen skin dryness.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Users with normal, combination and oily skin.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at local Etude House stores priced at Php898.00 (approx $20.41).

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Cute packaging!
I find the packaging really simple yet easy to use.

Pump Packaging.
Reminds me so much of my really old foundation from The Face Shop!

The Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur comes off with a creamy liquid texture!  A little goes a long way as the texture is a tad bit thick.  It has pink tone thus can really give your skin that instant brightening effect!  It finishes off with a shimmer without the exaggerated glitters!  When worn with foundation, it gives that inner glow just like my favorite Benefit That Gal Primer!

Swatch on Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

If you have oily, combination and normal skin, feel free to apply using your clean fingers and gently massage the product all over your face! 
Before and after photo using Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur review

Once you reach the area where pores are obvious, pat the product instead of rub to blur out the pores!  Patting is also effective if you have combination skin and you reached to those dry areas!  The Beauty Shot Face Blur primer may flake out dry skin so use patting motion to prevent "Exfoliating" your skin when you rub.

Before and After
This product photographs REALLY well!  Check out how the redness around my cheeks and sides of the nose almost disappears and consider the fact that I didn't use any foundation on top of the primer.  The downside, again if I may have to say, in person, I can see obvious dry spots and the primer is really light on me.

Before and after photo using Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

Half Face Test
See how light the primer looks on me?  It doesn't match the color of my neck so if you plan to use this, remember to let it set for a couple of minutes and use a darker foundation or bronzer to lessen the "pale effect" this primer gives.

half face test using Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur
Have you tried Etude Hosue Beauty Shot Face Blur?
Will you buy this or will you give other "Face blurs" a try?

If I compare this to other "face blurs" or "no filter" primers, what sets Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur apart is the fact that it gives instant brightening effect with a bit of coverage which I can seldom find from most primers.  Benefit That Gal gives the brightening effect I love but it doesn't have coverage or "pore blurring" effect.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. packaging reminds me of maybelline =) i love its coverage, plus the price is reasonable =)

    1. The price is indeed reasonable! it is different with the maybelline though in terms of texture

    2. really ms nikki? i would love to try this.. i've been loving korean products lately (in terms of skincare)

  2. Wow!!! I hope to try this one but it's really expensive here in the Philippines which is why I'm trying to find resellers on Instagram they offer it for like 600-700 only (^....^)

    1. I think their price here in the Philippines is okay, not too far from the price in Korea :D

  3. Works amazing! Perfect for people allergic to silicone based primers. Reminds me of HangoveRx from toofaced that SKINCARE-Primer effect

    1. ah I haven't tried HangoveRx and the Toofaced one, but yeah, just the shade lang, a bit too white even for me!

  4. Hi this is available at for 685 only. :)

  5. I really wanna get this 😊😊😊


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