Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What I Wore at GirlStuff Elite Bloggers' Collection Launch and as a Host

Hi AMW friends!
Remember when I posted on IG that I'm doing my makeup inside the car? Well, it was a very busy day last March 30, 2015!  It was the launch of my nail polish shade from my favorite brand of safe polish called Girl Stuff and the shade is called AskMeWhats (Read about the event HERE).

Aside from me being busy as a "guest" on that day's event, I am also the host and semi-organizer of that said event!  

Can you imagine just how busy that day was for me?  SUPER!

My game plan?  Well, I originally do not want to wear the dress I plan to wear on the event but I don't want to bring so many stuff with me and I'm really not sure if there's a good changing area at the event's place so I opted to go out with a lilac colored dress, Havaianas Flats and tied my hair in a tight bun make-up free as I drove myself to Fort Bonifacio.

Upon arriving the event area and parked my car, I sat inside the car and did my makeup!  It took me less than 10 minutes so everything was okay!

P.S. Give me a hand as I got the chance to take selfie pa! :P

No Filter as sunlight is definitely the best natural filter in the world!

Bare lips and will apply false lashes later!
Removed the tight bun and tadah!  My hair has a bit of wave because my trick was to apply a bit of mousse and curling spray before I tied my hair in a tight bun!

Fast forward to the event itself, the place was at Stacy's Fort Bonifacio and the placed was packed with sweets, polishes, nail art materials, colors and friendly Bloggers!  

Me with GirlStuff owner Ms. Janina Tan-Gutierrez and my favorite AskMeWhats polish shade!

 Everyone was joking how I literally looked like I had my dress made!  Just so you know, the dress color was the exact shade of AskMeWhats polish and guess what?  Bought it off the rack from Apartment8 Clothing.

Sorry for the Haggard look, this photo was taken after the event!  I was standing and running around for 5 long hours!

 Just so you know I'm a very busy girl so I always shop online, got this from ZALORA, the online store has a variety of women's footwear and I got this pair specifically for the event --- the CLN Adelle Platform Sandals.


And here's a "Boo Boo" side story from me!  Yes, because my life is very exciting!  I left the pair and nearly lost my mind!  Thankfully, I always have a nude pair of shoes inside my car for back up and I wore my Franco Sarto nude shoes, my ultimate favorite pair that I bought from the US!

Moral lesson?  Always bring an extra pair of nice looking shoes inside your car OR don't be a scatter-brain like me! :D

 Hope you liked my mini-BTE (Before The Event) story-telling!
Let me know if you like my outfit!  I hope you do!  If not, naku, nothing to do!  :D
Do you apply makeup inside the car? 
P.S. I even changed (several times) inside the car too! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! I super like your dress and the color of it was the same with your nail polish! Waah! I can't wait to try it!!! Lovely! Congrats Miss Nikki! :)

  2. i love the Eye Makeup you did here ms nikki =)


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