Wednesday, April 1, 2015

GirlStuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection, Please support AMW!

Funny how I'm posting this on the 1st day of April and you are probably thinking I'm just pulling your leg on this one!

PLEASE, I AM SERIOUS when it comes to polishes!  *laughs*

If you follow me on IG and FB, you probably know by now how excited I am in sharing my collaboration with Girl Stuff Polish!  Everything happened so fast I am overwhelmed yet very thankful to the Lord for such blessings!

What you see me wearing in this official photo is called....

Girl Stuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Polish
Shade: AskMeWhats

Yes, I finally have a polish shade named after my Blog!  I am so excited for this collaboration and I can't contain it!  But before I share more stories about the launch, here are some side-stories on the shoot day itself!  It was a fun, quick shoot with Girl Stuff.

Nail Polish Application, the day I met AskMeWhats polish shade in the flesh.

Makeup by: Lee Roberto-Figueroa 
Asst. by: Mamita
Hairstylist: Joden Ryan

The girls who assisted us with polish application

Shoot Pegs
Don't you just love the Summer Shades from this collection?
I am seriously in love not only with AMW shade, I love all 4 shades!  Can't pick a favorite!

Photographed by: Emilio Esguerra

 And here are the professional shots!
With Fellow Girl Stuff Ambassadors:
 Jackie Go of
Frances Amper Sales of
Cristina Decena of

 It was a lovely 30th of March at Stacy's Fort Bonifacio with the Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection officially launched!  It was Girl Stuff's first Media/Blogger event to date!  I am so excited to be part of this and actually work closely with the owner, Ms. Janina Gutierrez-Tan!

Event styling by: Stacy's

As the bloggers arrive, each of them get the chance to try out any of the shades from the Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection.  4 Professional Nail Artists were there to help each blogger decide on the best nail art or nail design that would suit their personality!

Ms. Ariann Ugale @ariannyani

Ms. Analiza Garino @monstermommm

Ms. Mariel Bernardo @hotmomsnailarts
with Dana Decena 

Ms. Maricel Ty @tymaria78
together with Cristina Decena and Demmie Fermin

 Dessert Table

Girl Stuff Polish area and Nail Art tools and accessories

More Girl Stuff merchandise display

Each guest gets the chance to try the other shades of Girl Stuff polishes, explore simple nail art with Fimo clay, nail art dotting tools and brushes.

And now, I formally introduce you to the  collection were Girl Stuff tied up with 4 Bloggers to create Summer Collection!

  • AskMeWhats - A Bohemian Pink shade.  I personally picked this shade because this isn't your usual pink polish!  AskMeWhats is an extraordinary, very feminine shade like an orchid because of its lilac undertone.  This shade reflects my personality --- young at heart and very cheerful!
  • StruttingOnSunshine - from a fashion entrepreneur, event organizer and blogger Cristina Decena.  According to Cristina: "What struck me the most with this blue shade is its brilliance!  I see sunny skies and cerulean seas..this shade is like a dreamy cruise in a bottle!"
  • Go Jackie Go - from my fellow Blogger Mom and friend Jackie Go!  "Girlstuff totally nailed it with this shade.  It has captured the calming hue of nature.  And this type of shade works well with any skin tone.  So it's a perfect shade to frolic in this summer."
  • Topaz Horizon - another fellow mommy blogger and a good friend Frances Amper Sales.  You probably seen her name on magazines and she is still active in this field, this time the Market Head of a baby magazine.  According to Frances: "This yellow shade is so bright and happy, you just won't be able to ignore it!  It's bold and fun!"
All GirlStuff polishes remain true to its' gel-type formula!  Made in France and Free from Big 5 (Formaldheyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-phtalate, Formaldehdye-resin and camphor)!

Each Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection shade is priced only at Php120.00!  It is very affordable yet the quality is really good!  I vouch on that because I had my blog's name on it!

Follow them on FB (GirlStuff Forever) and IG: GIrlStufForever

Are you picking any of the shades above? 
Please do and tag me @AskMeWhats ! :D

Thank you so much Janina and GirlStuff for the trust!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! very pretty nyo sa shot na ito ms nikki!

  2. the lilac undertone of the askmewhats nailpolish makes it sooo pretty! congrats, ms. nikki!

    1. That's why I love it! It's unique! Thank you sis

  3. Wow! The colors are perfect to have summer ready nails. Congratulations Ms. Nikki.😊

  4. so lovely and funky the colors are. nice collection.

  5. Lucky girl, imagine a nail polish named after you. That's awesome!

  6. Best of all it's good for Container Gardens.


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