Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project Vanity's 7th Anniversary Party

You know what they say about "Blogging"....
It's a crazy world to get into, you'll be entangled between "Catfights" and jealousy! 
Well I am here to say in 3 big words : "SO NOT TRUE".

The Blogging World actually gave me so much more!  More friends, more experiences and knowledge in the field other people may find "shallow or useless" but for us, this "Field" means the world of Happiness to us! 

Liz of Project Vanity and I goes way back!  If you ask me about how we first met, I can't seem to remember (Liz, Help?)  

You may not see us often taking "Twofies", in an event, we may not be always together, but both of us have this special understanding that we love each other dearly! (Liz, aminin mo totoo ha!)  But we've been very vocal about how we respect each other and how much I look up to her because she achieved so much at such a young age!  

That's why when she invited me to be part of her 7th Blog Anniversary, without hesitation, I immediately said YES!  Even if I knew my life would be crazy that day taking Kyle to the Pediatrician, rush home (in crazy traffic Manila) and drive all the way to BHS Central.   I knew I had to be there, to support her, and to show her how much I'm a proud "sister".

The event was held at the newly opened Beauty Bar at BHS Central.  The place is huge!  Even girls who are used to exposing themselves in makeup (me) ooh'd and aahh'd inside the store!

The event was hosted by the witty and funny Karrots Nazareno.

The adorable Liz in her gorgeous Purple dress!  She looks so happy and I can't be any prouder!

Just look at the jampacked Beauty Bar!  Everyone's listening intently to Liz's makeup demo!

Liz demonstrated her version of a quick summer look on beautiful model Cris.

The products she used (as I remember) - K-Palette Eyebrow Pencil, Prestige Intense Eyeshadow Combo, Prestige Lip Crayon, Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer, Happy Skin ZZ Cream, Smashbox Face Powder, The Balm Instain and Bahama Mama.

Quick Summer Look on Cris

 The biggest surprise for the attendees?  Learning beyond Physical Beauty!

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo of Happy Skin Cosmetics gave a quick tip on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Cheryl Tan-Chua of Beauty Box Corporation gave us insight on how she manages her time!  (I can totally relate to this!)

May Samson of Burt's Bees gave the most intense talk of all!  She shared to us how to climb the corporate ladder!

Photo grabbed from Liz Lanuzo

 Girls just wanna have fun!
Clockwise starting from left: Liz, Jess, Donnarence, Kira, Kristel, Me and Kaycee

Each attendee were given a loot from Burt's Bees, K-Palette and Happy Skin!

And just when everyone thought that was it!  The biggest surprise of all?  The embarrassing Lip Sync performance from Liz's Beauty Blogging Friends!


Photo grabbed from
Happy 7th Year Blogging Anniversary Liz!
More anniversaries to come and I can't wait to share more "beauty memories" with you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. So happy I get to attend Liz's Anniversary party! Climbing the corporate ladder is my fave of all 4 (including the makeup demo). Wasn't really expecting it as I thought it will just be makeup and skin care talk. Plus I made new friends!
    and the lip sync battle is to die for! I still have the photos and videos in my phone. hehe

    PS: The gwapo afam guy in the event looks like Liam Hemsworth! hihi. *kilig*

    1. yes, I'm glad you had as much fun as I did! and natawa ako sa gwapong afam guy comment! :))) he is gwapo nga now that I looked at the photo! hahaha

  2. i just wish i was included to attend the event =) i havent meet ms liz and you but iam grateful that i have met ms martha and ms rowena =) meeting bloggers were such an honor =)

    1. awww sayang! well who knows? I have some events coming up with readers so abang abang! :D

    2. finally!!!! thank you for the chance to meet you in person ms nikki!!!


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