Friday, April 3, 2015

AskMeMom: I did my own Pampers Beaker Test!

When Kyle Nash sleeps, he looks like a dear Angel....

But don't let this little angel fool you!  Half of his body is a daredevil!  He's probably dreaming about fun activities that's why I always find myself entangled between his arms and legs and the best scenario?  Waking up with his cute buttocks smacked right on my cleansed-toned-moisturized face!   Fellow mommies, answer me, why do kids sleep like that?  *hahaha* 


An active toddler remains active during sleep.  I need a diaper that can handle 12 full hours of wetness and also stays put and stretches well when my son opens his legs wide, kicks and moves around during sleep!  

Recently, I attended my first Mommy-son event for Andi's Pampers Baby Shower and guess what?  Pampers promises to deliver both 12-hour skin dryness protection and stretchy tapes to ensure comfort for baby as it stays put!

As you all know, as a Blogger who majorly reviews products, I always say: "To see is to believe", and thankfully, Pampers prepared a "Beaker Test" demonstration to satisfy my "To see is to believe" attitude! :D

Pampers and Brand X Beaker Test

An equal amount of 250ml water (ala "pee") were used to pour into both diapers.


Closer look, you can immediately see that Pampers absorbed the water quicker than Brand X.

Aside from that, 2 napkins were pressed on both diapers for the "Skin Dryness" test.

No need to pull up the napkin, the result is obvious!  Pampers definitely won in absorbing and "sealing" the water thus keeping our little angels dry!  

I touched both diapers myself and was amazed how Pampers transformed water into "gel" thus keeping skin dry to touch!

Then we also did the ultimate Stretch Test!  Fellow mommies stretched both Pampers and Brand X and the result was amazing.  Pampers stretches almost 2x the band size and it is very soft to touch!  I've used Pampers for months now and I am very happy how it doesn't leave marks or rashes on my son's sensitive skin! 

Now each Blogger were given our own "kit" to do the test at home!  Since I'm "makulit" and I want to do the test myself, I did a video of the Beaker Test and I hope you like it!  (Sorry it is very amateur-ish!) 

I fast-forwarded the video for you not to get bored!  As seen, Pampers won in efficiently absorbing all the water faster than Brand X, and it may not be seen on video, the Bear's bum is wet on Brand X and dry on Pampers!

Fellow mommies, what diaper brand are you currently using?
Do you use a special night-time diaper to keep your baby dry? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. do they have size in XXL ms nikki? i always look for biggest size for my baby =(

    1. so far, none for the time being! Naku, I don't want to get there, when I worry about XXL diapers! I dont find a lot of them nga sa supermarket!

  2. before i was a EQ user ms nikki, then i switched to pampers tapos since madalang ang XXL size sa local store/supermarket i tried switching to Huggies, Mommypoko and drypers =(

    1. Thanks for your feedback! naku, I wish kyle won't need to use xxl diapers na! :D


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