Thursday, April 9, 2015

How To Apply Make Up on Dark/Pigmented Lids

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Today, I will answer one simple yet seldom-asked query from an AMW reader.  

"How to deal with Dark/Pigmented eyelids?  No matter what eyeshadow I apply, it won't appear nicely."

Well, the answer is pretty simple, you can use whatever products you have at home, no need to go out and spend money!  Let me share to you the tip and trick I've been doing for years.  Not only to myself but for my clients!  

And here's the result...

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If you search on Google, you probably heard about using a good concealer, corrector, eye primer or cream shadows to help neutralize the dark, pigmented skin around the eye lids.  Those work if you have dry or normal lids!  But if you are oily-lidded and you live in a country like the Philippines with high humidity, those products will tend to crease up and make your eyeshadow look messy!  So this tip I will share will work on ANY eye primer, cream shadows and powdered eyeshadow!  And the best part?  You only need the ff:
  • Your choice of lightweight liquid foundation.
  • Oil-control film
  • Oil-control setting powder
In this tutorial, I used Max Factor X Skin Luminizer Foundation because this gives good coverage, feels light and waterproof and oil-proof!  (A detailed product review on this product soon!)  But of course, you may choose whatever liquid foundation that works for you!  As much as I would love to say YES on BB creams, I try not to advise that because some BB creams tend to have a gray-ish undertone thus may make your lid appear more "dirty" and dark.  A liquid foundation that has brightening properties (minus the shimmer) is my best bet.

After you apply your foundation with a wedge sponge, use the remaining product left on the sponge and gently dab it directly on your eye lid.  Feel free to dab some on the under eye area as it helps cover undereye darkness as well!  You may actually find yourself using less concealer/corrector or you may end up skipping this step!

Dab Dab Dab is the key to success :D

Oil Control Film/Oil Blotter
As much as I don't want to purchase an oil blotter, I find Oil Blotters quite useful even for dry skinned users like myself!  My most recent find --- Kleenex Oil Blotter because these sheets really absorbs 2x more oil than other films I've tried!  Even I get to remove some oil on my t-zone!

Press the film directly on a closed eyelid to absorb excess oil from the liquid foundation.  This step is vital because it will prevent foundation and eye makeup from creasing.

Final step.  Choose a powder with good oil-control.  In my case, I like the Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Powder because it absorbs oil and it doesn't give any color so you can proceed with your various eye shadow shades and it won't change the color of your desired eyeshadow look.

Grab a good amount with a fluffy powder brush and dab the powder directly onto your lid.

Now you may proceed with your cream shadows, powdered shadows or even eye primer and you can freely create different eye makeup without the dark, heavily pigmented eyelid!

Does this tutorial makes sense?
Simply give this a try and let me know how it goes!
Comment away if you have more tips!

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  1. This is definitely awesome! It's the most brilliant tip I've ever learned. I'm really thankful. Can't wait to try that out! Thank yoooooouuu po!!!! Thank you so much! (^.................^)

    1. yay! thanks and hope you give it a try and let me know how it goes! :D

  2. Thanks for the post! Will definitely try this one out. Do you have any recommendation for a clinique foundation that has the same effect as the Maxfactor you have mentioned?

    1. Clinique Super Fit or Even Better foundation are both nice :D

  3. i love that kleenex blotting paper from all the blotters i used!


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