Friday, April 10, 2015

Nail Art Tutorial: Easter Nail Art with GirlStuff Bloggers Elite Summer Collection + Talk about Passion

Hi AMW Friends!
Do you miss my Nail Art Tutorials???  (I wish to hear or feel some YES right there!) :P

So it was one quiet Holy Week night when Kyle Nash was asleep.  I was looking at the GirlStuff Bloggers Elite Summer Collection and I was itching to create something because the shades are not only perfect for summer, they are perfect for Easter Nails!

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial
To those who wonder how I squeeze time to do the things I love to do with a toddler around, well, here's the answer!  As I was grabbing all my polishes, nail art tools and my nail art table...I looked up the clock and it says: "2:00am".  So that answers your question!  I am a vampire!  I don't sleep!  hahaha

As the hubby was busy taking a shower (yes, he is a vampire too!)  I took all 4 GirlStuff Polishes (Still on a high from the launch which I hosted) and applied all colors as base coat.

So shall I start with the very simple, easy-to-do tutorial?

Step 1:
Apply different shades of polish as base coat.  Make it 2 coats and let it dry.  
I applied Pink (AskMeWhats), Green (GoJackieGo), Yellow (Topaz Horizon) and Blue (Strutting on Sunshine) all from Girl Stuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection.

Step 2:
Using my Revlon Nail Art Expressionist polish in white, applied 2 thin lines as shown on photo below.

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 3:
Picked up Girl Stuff Topaz Horizon shade and a thin nail art brush, applied up-down lines as shown on photo below.

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4:
To give a nice contrast on the yellow base, I picked up a metal chopstick (So I can clean it up easily) and created medium-sized dots with AskMeWhats polish shade.

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 5:
Using the same Revlon Nail Art Expressionist white polish, create random lines!  You can be creative and do whatever lines you want (horizontal, vertical, curved, etc...)

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 6:
Still on the same middle finger, create small dots above the white line using Girl Stuff Go Jackie Go green shade.
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 7:
Using a bigger dotting tool, create another line of dots using Topaz Horizon shade.

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 8:
Now what to use against the green polish base?  A pink one!  Using freehand, I drew strawberry-like leaves directly with the Girl Stuff polish brush.  
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 9:
Using the same shade, dot it with the same AskMeWhats shade.
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 10:
Create a white line to make the nail pop!
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 11:
On to the thumb.  Since I have more space to draw, I mixed thin and thick lines and dots!
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

Step 12:
Once the dots, lines and curves are completely dry, apply 1-2 coats of Girl Stuff Quick Dry Top Coat.  This is the best quick dry top coat I've tried to date and it's only Php150.00!

A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

My Easter Nails!
I can also re-do this as summer nails!  I love the pastel-almost-neon shades!  
A photo of Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed my very simple nail art!
I was literally smiling from ear-to-ear while doing this!
Ahhh, I really missed the good 'ol nail art days and the happiness when you're doing the things you love!

Now speaking about doing what you love!  My brother (who came back for a short vacation) was laughing at my #SugodManny video post on Instagram and asked me what it was for!  (Check my video on @AskMeWhats) and I told them it is my way of sharing support to our National Pride!  As much as I don't understand boxing, I definitely understand how Manny starts from "nobody" to somebody to hero!  Just like me, I'm not saying I'm a hero na but I know I have a place in my field because I've been doing everything with 101% effort just like Manny!  With passion, you can definitely get somewhere!

My #SugodManny support photo on IG with my hyperactive toddler!

As much as I want to watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight on May 2 but obviously can't because my son is hoarding the TV (Baby TV anyone?)  So I may have to get live updates on social media or better, fellow Smart subscribers can enjoy livestream of the fight through the Viewstream app on our mobile device!  This will be live and commercial free for only Php499.00 (this price is for a limited time only) and I am definitely subscribing because I get to watch the historial fight at the comfort of my own home!  And I don't have to pry myself away from my clingy kid pa!

There's no credit card needed and this will be simply charged through our postpaid bill or deduct from your prepaid load.  This is available for Smart, Sun and Talk 'N Test subscribers.

Please share your support to our Pambansang Kamao with Hashtag #SugodManny, I'm sure once he gets the free time he'll check this hashtag and feel our support and love!  And of course, tag me na din!  I'd love to see your moves!

Are you excited to watch the fight on May 2?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ang saya ng easter egg nails! I would love to do that pero hndi sa nails ko, sa nails ni 3 year old kikay ko. I'm sure mag eenjoy din kami like how you enjoyed doing it and looking at the finished product.

    1. :) I really enjoyed it! can't wait to do more!

  2. It makes me want to eat your fingernails.. they're soooo cute!!! hahaha... parang yung mga cupcakes and chocolates lang na ginagawa po namin.. (^.....^) If I happen to see you again maybe in an event.. I'll give you some. They're so alike!! Ang cute ganun po pala magpinta ng kuko..hahaha... never painted my nails before cause I work in the kitchen.. hahaha.. (^....^)

    1. awww, lucky you! I enjoy working in the kitchen but I can't stay there for too long! mommy duties :D


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