Friday, April 10, 2015

Bond with AskMeWhats and Philosophy on April 18th

Winners: Congratulations to the 10 winners who get to bond with Philosophy and ME! Yay!  (Each entry was numbered and numbers were randomly picked using

  1. Reylen Castro
  2. Jacqueline Chan
  3. Annie Lorraine Cruz
  4. Tasha Bernardo - Din
  5. russ roque
  7. Phoebe Ruth M. Roberto
  8. Starrie Sun
  9. Rhania Chang
  10. Abegaill Villacruz 
Hi AMW friends!
Finally!  An intimate get-together with YOU --- my dear readers!  I've met some of you in person and it was really a fun experience getting to know the beautiful girls (and boys) who read my blog!

As a small token of appreciation, I partnered with Philosophy Philippines to give 10 of you an ultimate Bonding experience ---

Let's talk about Skincare
I have been asked so many times on my skincare routine and to be honest, I use not a lot of products but I have a way of application that makes each product worth the money!  And of course, I will share my skincare tips to YOU on that day!

Let's talk about Skincare and Makeup Together
In every workshop I do, I always start with skincare routine because I highly believe in keeping your skin in best condition for makeup to work in it's finest!

I won't spill the beans here but we'll talk more as get to know me, my Blog (AskMeWhats) and of course, I'd love to know more about YOU too!  At the same time, it wouldn't hurt to have a relaxing facial as we chat and win some fabulous prizes!!!!

Even if you didn't get the chance to win Prizes, each participant gets to take home a Philosophy Loot!  (Thank you so much Philosophy Philippines for the trust and support)

Now how to join?
  • Please make sure to join ONLY if you are free on April 18, 2015 2:00-4:00pm at Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.
  • Comment ONLY ONCE with your name and email address.  Answer this very simple question:  "Why do you want to join the AMW x Philosophy x YOU Bonding Experience? "
  • 10 winners will be picked via random generator (because I don't want to choose, if I get to choose, I'll pick ALL of you!) and will be announced HERE and all my Social Media Accounts on April 15, 2015 (Wednesday) and winners must email me back within 24 hours or I will pick a new winner.   PLEASE: I have to stress this again that the workshop can only handle maximum of 10 participants and I don't want to waste the slot to a No Show :) I hope you understand!
  • It would help if you share this post on your Social Media accounts, I will be grateful for life! :)
Smile and stay happy!
I can't wait to meet you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'd love to bond with you over skincare and try out Philosophy products too.
    Lanie De Leon

  2. I promised my family that I want to change. I also want to feel like a "woman." I want to be at least confident with myself. That's the main reason why I've been constantly joining free workshops and events from bloggers since I know that they're experienced gurus that can help everyone in their perspective areas. I really wish I could join. I promise to attend since I currently have no work. Pleaseee.. God Bless you guys.. (^....^) Thanks a lot for the opportunity..

  3. I'm sorry I forgot to put my name.. I'm Viniella Domingo by the way and my email is Hope to see you po again.. (^...^) Thank you..

  4. Reylen Castro
    First, i would like to meet u personally. As a SAH mom of 3, i still want to look good always for my family and hubby of course.To regain my self confidence and to have some "me" time.i used to be in a corp world for 10yrs and abruptly becme a full time mom.i should love my self also,right? Pick me pls? Pls?I'm curious and interested also with Philosophy products. Thanks so much ms. Nikki ♡♥♡ God bless...

  5. With the everyday stress we encounter, it's time to learn the proper skincare and the best products to use. And I'd like to learn from the experts! Hope I get picked!

    Jacqueline Chan

  6. cont..and since it's a Saturday.the hubby will take care of the kiddos and the house. Anyway, this is just a 2 hr event. They can come along actually and stay in the play house there. :) pls? Pls? I badly needed this..for a brighter days ahead! ♡♥♡

  7. I want to join this one because I want to see you again, Nikki! Haha :D I've also heard lots of good things about this brand but have never tried it yet. ;)

    Helen Blas

  8. It would be nice to meet you before we go back home soon! So yes, I just wanted to meet you. :)

    Annie Lorraine Cruz

  9. Hi Ms. Nikki, I want to join the AMW × Philosophy x You bonding event because I will get the chance to meet you again in person.👍 I also want to learn more about taking care of my skin and about make-up.😊

    Tasha Bernardo - Din

  10. I wanna join as I want to amp up my skin care regimen straight from someone who knows her stuff. Plus I've been dying to attend one of your workshops since forever! :)

    russ roque

  11. Hello Ms. Nikki:)

    Meeting you in person is such a blessing to me so I will try my luck to be one of the lucky participants of this event. I want to join AMW x Philosophy x YOU Bonding Experience because I want to know how to take good care of my skin properly as well as other beauty secrets/tips that you want to share to us. Also, I want to know more about makeups because I am a newbie in terms of applying them. I also love to meet my fellow AMW readers!


    1. Omg! Thank you so much Ms. Nikki. Email sent already=)

  12. Hi! :) I would love to join the AMW x Philosophy x YOU Bonding Experience because I believe it's precious to have this kind of opportunity to meet you and try out Philosophy products. If I'll be given a chance, this is going to be the first skincare workshop! Would love to learn more from you Ms. Nikki :)

    Phoebe Ruth M. Roberto

  13. I often pass by the philosophy boutique in megamall but never actually entered it to browse, since I am usually wary of new products unless they're well-reviewed and recommended by bloggers I trust. Without your post about this brand, I would not have looked up philosophy at all and found they don't do animal-testing, which is a big plus in my book. So I'd like to attend the event on 18 April 2015, and learn more about philosophy products, your skincare secrets, get free stuff (yes, I will be blunt, free stuff is always a wonderful thing), and meet the other participants who agree with AMW's own philosophy of a cheerful outlook being the source of inner beauty. =)

  14. I would love to join this workshop because I badly need a new Skincare routine. I heard so many good things about Philosophy products and I really wanna try it especially their eye cream. I also wanna meet you and learn from you again, Ms. Nikki. I learned a lot from you during the Benefit makeup workshop I attended before. Hoping to be one of the lucky 10. 😘

    Maria Katherine Mendoza

  15. I've been a reader for two years I guess? I don't know since when haha :P i started reading your blog because of helpful product reviews but aside from that, I found myself being connected to you and your life for each blog that you post everyday. I also heard good reviews about the brand philosophy. I think it would be nice to meet you personally and learn about taking good care of our skin. Hoping to be picked this time because I wasn't able to meet you in your benefit classes :p ^_^

  16. Shiela Marie R. Calzada

    sorry I forgot to include my name earlier :)

  17. Hi, Nikki! I want to join, too!!!! Why? 1st, I've always been bad to my skin esp my face and I know this event would bring the goodness back to me.. err my face i mean. ☺ 2nd, bonding with you again is really something to look foward to. Our first meeting was very bitin. 3rd, i also want to learn from your other beautiful readers. Crossing my fingers, i hope luck will be on my side this time. ☺

  18. Aw... I've also forgot to include my deets. Here it is:
    May Castillo

  19. Hi Achi Nikki, I would love to join your workshop because I look up to you as one of my beauty blog inspirations. Your smile won me over at first sight (naks!) Of course, I wish to learn more about skin care, beauty and makeup and I believe this workshop is an excellent venue :)

    Starrie Sun

  20. I've been a reader since 2009, i may comment once in a while and im eager to meet you in person ms nikki.. i want to learn more from your makeup skills and makeup tips

    Rhania Chang

  21. I really really wanted to join in this event! I'm a working mom and would like to be exposed on how to wear and apply make up in the office and outdoor activities. This workshop can surely guide and help me.

    Celin Mendoza

  22. I never realized how important it is to take good care of our skin until I have read some of your reviews. I would like to join this event to learn and have fun and share my experiences and what I have learned to my family and friends too.

    Elisse Baga

  23. I want to join the AMW x Philosophy x YOU Bonding Experience because I wanted to meet you again in person, but this time, take a picture with you na. :) I also want to meet other AMW readers like me. :)

    Abegaill Villacruz

  24. Since this event is about BEAUTY and BONDING with FRIENDS, I'm ALL IN!!
    Hope to see you on Saturday!

  25. Isa Abonal

  26. I love taking care of my skin and Philosophy products!
    Isa Abonal

  27. Wow! I can't contain my happiness.😊😊😊 Thank you so much Ms. Nikki.❤

  28. When will I be lucky? Both the events I signed up for on the same day...rejected me. (-_-")


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