Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recent New Product Discoveries

Happy Saturday!
I'm off to a mall today for a quick event then I'm definitely heading to National Bookstore to buy Kyle a new book!  Yes, my son is a bookworm and I'm proud of him!  So yes, I'm a type of mom who can't come home without buying even the smallest thing for my family so I guess that means...I have to work hard because I have to have the budget to buy!  *hahaha*  

But on to a serious note, my son really loves books and he chooses them over any toy anyday!  So I'm so happy when I received a package from Scholastica telling me how you can purchase books up to 80% off!  Seriously, full-priced books are so expensive so I'm happy to share this discovery!

I haven't been to the warehouse yet as the place is quite far from where I live, but to those of you who frequent around Pasig area, do take a look and share the gift of learning to your kids!

Thousands of picture books, chapter books, popular series notification and activity items are available here.  Visit them at #70 C. Raymundo Avenue, Barangay Rosario, Pasig City.  You may call them at 632-900-1537.

As a beauty blogger, you'd think I know all the brand and services out there?  Of course not, I am just as overwhelmed as as excited as you every time you find a new product/service discovery!  Just like when this beautiful package landed on my lap from my Sampleroom Family!  Thanks Sampleroom Girls!  I missed their BBQ Summer party but the 4 girls were gracious enough to send me the "kit" each blogger received during the summer event!  And as I ooh'd and aahh'd over the goodies, I did not forget to SHARE the Blessings I received!  Shared most of these items with my family!

Items included: Freshlook Contact Lens (2 pairs), Atlas Towel, Nekkid Lips Warm Vanilla Sugar, Jean & Rosz Shades and Bracelet, Zenutrients Repellant Spray and SAC People reusable bags!

Then I received a package from Baby Smooth and I have a strong feeling this is a dupe for the famous CURE Aqua Gel!  I haven't tried this yet but will let you guys know once I did!

Baby Smooth by Cleansing Research Skin Clear Peeling Gel is  a gentle scrub with a peach scent!  I have tested this at the back of my hand and it indeed have the same feel as Cure!  

Then my mommyhood kicks in and can't help but shop for more bath goodies for Toddler AMW!  I went ahead and checked out Baby Bee products on the Burt's Bees online website and purchase these!  So to those busy moms like ME who really can't go out much, online shopping is the key and you get free shipping if you purchase Php1,500 worth of Burt's Bees products!  It wasn't hard as I have a lot of Burt's Bees product favorites!

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath
I originally thought this product was meant to apply directly on to my son's skin but I was told this is best used on bath tubs!  All I have to do is dissolve some of the product on water and gently massage on baby's skin! 

Then this soap caught my attention because there are times I'm looking for soaps to wash Kyle Nash's cute bum!  Picked Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap because it says 99.9% Natural which every single mom would LOVE to use on their angels especially babies!  My son isn't a baby anymore but in my eyes, he is so I make sure to use the safest and gentlest products available in the market today!

And since it is summer and sunscreens from different brands are popping up like mushrooms!  Well, if you aren't confused as ever, let me add this to your "confusion list" HARHARHAR! :P 

Flawless, powered by Skin Professionals, finally came up with their own sunblock called Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF70!  Yay for SPF50 above sunscreen and like I said over my previous post, I love mists because they are lightweight and doesn't need much massaging!  Because seriously, who in the world of a very busy working mom has time to sit and massage sunblock all over your body?  NOT ME!  If you said YES, you are one SUPERWOMAN! :D

This is by the way SAFE for Children and pregnant women, fuss-free, effective, paraben-free and water-resistant so this is great news!  

Flawless Skin Protect Mis with SPF70 costs Php450.00/bottle and is now available in all Flawless Clinics Nationwide!

Any product discovery you want to share to me?
I'd love to check out more products for you guys!

Have a lovely weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Scholastic kid forever! hahaha.. I love those freshlook contact lenses for everyday ootds. I wonder where to buy that Baby Smooth Skin Clear Peeling Gel. I'd be waiting for your review Ms. Nikki. God bless po. (^....^)

    1. I haven't tried contact lenses for a long time na!!!!
      The peeling gel, I can't use for now, but will ask someone to try so that I can share thoughts.

  2. wow too many goodies here ms nikki! im curious with that 80% discounted books!

    1. sinabi mo, sayang lang too far sa akin so I wasn't able to visit! kaya share ko na lang so others may grab the chance!

  3. Hmm how does the Flawless mist compare with the Belo mist? Those are the only 2 ones I can think of right now that are about near the same price point

    From Manila with Love

    1. They both have the same feel! I'm still testing both out! :D will share more pag matagal tagal :D


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