Friday, April 24, 2015

Pampers Baby-Dry Big Delivery and Sharing Many Firsts With Pampers

Motherhood --- changed me in such a way I can't put into words.

My life literally turned the other way around!  I used to be very independent with all my decisions!  Now, I always think about my son, worry about him, and actually miss him when I attend events or do my makeup gigs and workshops.

Too clingy you say?  Well, you can't blame me, I'm a first time, hands-on mom who really waited for this little angel for years!  My life literally revolves around him and would want ONLY the BEST for him.

Mommy AMW and Baby AMW during his first US trip

Thankfully, I am so proud to say, Pampers understands the needs and wants of a Mommy to their babies!  As part of the celebration of their many FIRSTS campaign, Pampers recently surprised mommies nationwide by sending out baskets of goodies and packs of New Pampers Baby Dry!

Now I am proud to be a Digital Ambassador of a brand who understands how moms are stressed from the delivery and wants them to feel at least a bit pampered!

I would probably tear up if I received this type of surprises when I gave birth to Baby AMW!

And who would've thought that Kyle Nash and I would receive a HUGE surprise too?

Inside the huge Pampers cabinet are Pampers Baby-Dry diapers in Newborn.  That gave me the idea of doing "Surprise deliveries" myself!  I gave these away to my friends who just gave birth!

Because I honestly believe how important it is to receive diapers especially if you are first-time mommies and daddies!

That brought me back to Kyle's 1st Birthday Party.  We received loads of toys, clothes and shoes but one gift literally sent both Mr. AMW and I to Disney World!

A huge pack of DIAPERS!!!  That's when I realized how simple yet meaningful gifting and receiving diapers are!  And of course, if we are about to send out diapers as gifts, we should at least give them the best right?

And I received another surprise package from Pampers and Fuentes Manila (Thank you Fuentes)!  This time, the size for my angel!  Even if Kyle is already 2 years old, I still get the thrill of receiving Pampers as gift!

Here's my son sleeping soundly with Pampers Baby-Dry.
I've tried various brands of diapers and I must say, Pampers Baby-Dry definitely passed my AskMeMom sleep test!

Pampers Baby-Dry gives up to 12 hours of skin dryness for complete sleep!  True enough, I used to change my son's diaper in the middle of the night (around 1:00am) to make sure he won't wake up in the middle of the night crying due to wetness!  Now, I don't have to!

Aside from that, my son is seriously active not only during his waking hours but also sleeping hours!  With all his leg raising, body turning, his Pampers Baby-Dry diaper stays put and the stretchy tapes is the most wonderful thing invented because it never gave him any rashes and the diaper fits him like a glove!

That's 12 full hours worth of pee and his gorgeous legs! :D
I am definitely satisfied with Pampers Baby-Dry and will definitely repurchase!  Just in case, you may get 20% off (until supplies last) when you purchase them at

Just like me, do you change your baby's or kid's diaper in the middle of the night?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Im so excited to use pampers dry for my twins soon...good thing someone with a kind heart gve me free pampers! =) i do hope nakasale pa rin ung pampers newborn dry sa lazada...from 1130+ bumaba xa ng 908 something but sad di ko naabutan. Sna mg sale po ulit=) thanks for sharing ms. Nikki...twins and i will be loyal consumers of pampers soon:)

    1. awww twins!!! eeek how does it feel? shucks, the double hormones, etc..!!! So happy for you!!!! can't wait!!!!


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