Friday, April 24, 2015

AMW Wears: Fly Shades Summer 2015 Collection #EyeWearFly

The weather is getting warmer every day!
Indeed, the reality is here, it is summer!  And here we go slathering on our favorite sunblock lotion and creams!  Have you considered protecting your eyes as well?

I know I'm always diligent when it comes to protecting my eyes wherever I go!  Thanks to Fly Shades for sending me this year's summer collection and a nice postcard with a GORGEOUS face on it!  Can you spot it?  :P 


The light blue tint on the glass screams SUMMER! 

 I'm sorry but the name of this particular sunglass was "blurred" so I can't tell!  This glasses at first glance looks blah and boring, but once you wore it, it gives this chic vibe because of the gold side frame.

Took this shot when I was taking a photo on the Sunkiller!  Yes, aside from sunscreen, you need to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun!

Another combination of black and gold

This is the most unique out of the bunch!  This would work so well on users with small face!  This doesn't work on my face shape but you know what?  Who can say what's right or wrong?  When it comes to fashion, you can wear anything you like as long as you feel comfortable and celebrate your own uniqueness!  And that, I believe is what Fly Shades is trying to do!  To let us celebrate our own individuality!

For more information on Fly Shades, add them up on Facebook.
Which particular design featured here is your favorite?
Have a wonderful Friday friends!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wish to wear shades during sunny days but i have flatted i prefer not to wear na lng. Can't find the perfect shape of shade for me.

    1. walang kinalaman yan! gorah lang! my nose isn't "sharp" as well, pero wear pa rin ng shades!

  2. i cannot wear one! i should wear it if it has vision corrector hihi

  3. I can't wear shades, i will be blind if i would! I think the blue tinted one looks great on you, ms. nikki. It is very summery. I saw a picture of ms. angel locsin just recently wearing a blue tinted shades, too. I'm not sure if it is Fly though.

  4. The first pair looks most bagay on you! You look super chic and sosyal wearing that sunnies! :)


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