Saturday, April 25, 2015

AMW Experienced Yurbuds Powered by JBL

Remember when I shared some of my gift ideas for Active women during 2014 Holidays? (Post HERE)

Well, I share what's best and so far, in the "earphones" field, Yurbuds is considered one of the top sport earphones in the Philippines!  And thankfully, yours truly was invited when they want to formally introduce Yurbuds as powered by JBL at Power MAC Center, Rockwell.

As you all know, "tech" events are probably not where I'm supposed to be but just so you know, MUSIC plays a HUGE role in my life!  My ex-colleagues can attest how I always bring my own music at work!  When I used to commute to work early in the morning, I always have my earphones on to keep me awake during the Long ride to and from downtown Manila!

Now that I'm a work-from-home mom, music (and now YouTube videos) plays a huge role to keep me sane while my baby takes his nap or when he finally sleeps at wee hours of the night!

I've had inexpensive to really expensive earphones that passed through my ears and I wished Yurbuds were available back then!  Why?  Well, the earphones comes in different sizes and I can pick the smallest one for my small ears!

Upon entering the Power MAC Center at Rockwell, I immediately went for the Pink earphones and tested it out using my Smart Deezer playlist!

I had a quick chat with VP Of Cascos Inc Ms. Gianina Dayrit as she excitedly shared to me the different features of each yurbuds --- they come in 100, 200, 300 and 400 and Wireless and I will share more information about each line as you read further.

Mark Maranon - Sr. Category Manager of Power Mac Center
Mr. Laura Secreto - Harman Country manager
Mr. Jigo Rigor 0 Sales and Marketing Manager, Cascos Inc. 

What I learned during the event was Harman, the leading global infotainment and audio group, acquires yurbuds.  That is why our favorite Yurbuds are now powered by JBL!

Aside from that, I clearly understood the difference of each model which will also help YOU consumers if you plan to invest on a good quality earphones.

Inspire 100 Model (Php1,200.00)
  • Featuring Yurbuds' ergonomic design and key features like sweat and water resistance.
  • Ambient noise awarementss.
  • FlexSoft Comfort Fit and TwistLock technology.
Inspire 200 Model (Php1,800.00)
  • Features all 3 from Inspire 100 + Quik Clik Tangle-Free Magnets.  This can be easily connected behind the neck or around an article of clothing for increased portability.
Inspire 300 Model (Php2,400.00)
  • Features all 3 from Inspire 200 + Microphone with track/music control functionality.
Inspire 400 Model (Php3,000.00)
  • Features all 3 from Inspire 300 plus volume control and voice control for Apple Devices.

Now one of the fun part of the event -- the Shake Challenge!
4 participants were given the chance to test the TwistLock technnology! 
The queen of product reviewer AMW of course went up to do the ultimate test!  Look at my game face!

I did my best I tell you!  But I failed, the darn Yurbuds didn't budge!  AT ALL!

Yurbuds Powered by JBL is definitely perfect for active users who like to listen to audio during workout!  Yurbuds is proud to have hardcore athlete's support and I actually heard real life testimonial from Coach Ani De Leon Brown (From the Philippine National Triathlon).  If the brand passed triathlete's requirements, who am I to disagree?

You may purchase Yurbuds at Power Mac Centers nationwide.  For more information, visit or visit @YurbudsPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What is your current brand of earphones?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. So cute. The colors reminds me of Jelly ace! hahaha... Love your dress by the way..thumbs up po! (^...^)

    1. thanks dear! Wore it during Kyle's baptism when he was 6 months old! hahahaha

  2. hihi you really enjoyed this event ms nikki! i know lagi kayong game at always energized =)

    1. hahahahh yup! ako pa, game na game!

    2. hmmm.. any secret ms nikki to always keep alive at always game? minsan may araw na parang madali po akong madrain =(


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