Friday, May 22, 2015

A Lipstick That Melts On Your Lips, Not On The Tube!

The answer is:  Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge Lipstick.
The name itself is a mouthful, so I just call this my "melting lipstick".  But don't be fooled with the name "melting", it does feel like a melting butter upon application but so far, with extreme heat we are encountering at the moment, I actually left this inside my bag in the car (parked in an open parking space) and the tip felt moist and soft but the whole lipstick remain intact!

I guess, I gave too much information away right?  Well, read more about this new lippie I recently got!

AMW wore Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge Lipstick 
in Shade RD526.
Nails: Girl Stuff Summer Collection Strutting on Sunshine

My first Shiseido lipstick is under the Perfect Rouge line (review HERE)  Out of all the lipsticks I've given away, I kept it as it is one of the many few lipsticks that really works for my extremely dry lips!  The shade Hibiscus is a lovely day time lip color I wouldn't mind wearing again and again!

Now, just when I thought I got the best lipstick from Shiseido, who would've thought a few years would bring me BETTER lipstick not only in terms of quality but the packaging too?  Just look at how beautiful the packaging is!  I literally had to take a couple of minutes just to admire it!

Description on Box (in Japanese)

Let me indulge you again on the packaging.  Some dislike the extravagant look, I don't mind!  I feel so happy every time I take this out!

Now on to the color and texture.
Shade: RD526

RD526 is also known as Melty Red.  At first glance on tube, it looks more of a deep brownish red that just plain red.  The texture is definitely "melty butter"and you don't need to prep your lips or apply lip balm underneath!  This lipstick works even on the driest state of your lips!  For a lipstick that almost has a gloss partnered to it, the effect is never oily, too glossy or sparkly!  It is just plain color with loads of moisture!  

Just like most "hydrating lipsticks", you'd probably worry on the pigmentation, fret not!  In one swipe, you get an opaque color!  Pile another layer for a deep crimson red shade!

AMW wore RD526 without lip balm or lip gloss.

How long does this color last?  Well, not as long as those matte colored lipstick but long enough for me to eat and a couple of hours (2-3) of chatting!  I don't mind reapplying this lip color because it feels so good!  

I don't have the exact price of Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge Lipsticks yet but I'm sure it is on the range of Php1,000+.  It is pricey I tell you but if you have crocodile lips like I do, I wouldn't mind investing on more shades from the same range because I can really get away without lip balm!  And oh, no embarrassing dry lines or flaking in between meetings or social gatherings!

How do you find my lipstick for the day?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Lakas po maka "Bond girl" nung lipstick. hahaha.. I'm a fan of Maquillage since I always watch Japanese dramas. They always use that not to mention...Emi Takei, who starred as Kaoru in Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Series, is their endorser. (^....^)

    1. LOL on Bond Girl! I like that! sige, in my dreams! I'm a bond girl :D

  2. it is such a pretty red on you ms nikki!

  3. OOooooooohhhhhh tha packaging really is super pretty!!!!

    CJ | From Manila with Love


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