Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation

You probably know by now how much I am into liquid foundation that gives "glow from within".  That's why the most recent Max FactorX Skin Luminizer Foundation earned a thumbs up from me because of the "natural effect" it gives + the natural glow.

BUT, can I just say, I've found another drugstore foundation that gives MORE inner glow?  I mean serious inner glow I myself can't seem to understand!

The L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation 

Now, oily-skinned readers may be running to the opposite direction after reading my first few paragraphs!  Please, don't!  Let me share to you some information you may need to know, and guess what?  You can decide at the end of the review whether you need this in your life or not!

L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation  says ---

AMW says ---
  • Packaging - glass with pump.  Looks expensive.
  • Has SPF24 PA+++ which is perfect for those who stays in the office.
  • A wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Non-drying.  Works even for dehydrated skin.
  • Gives a nice luminous glow.
  • Coverage can be adjusted.  You can get light-medium heavy coverage.
  • No strange scent.
  • Does not feel heavy on skin.
  • No skin irritations.
  • Works for almost all skin types.

  • Will oil-up midday for users who have normal/combination skin.
  • Does not last all day if weather is extremely humid.  (need to set this product properly)
  • The shade N7 may turn a bit orange if you have acidic skin.
A pretty decent foundation with good coverage and gives an instant "Glow"!

  • If you have oily skin, set parts of your face (that tends to oil up) with your favorite oil-control powder.
  • Use an oil-control primer prior to foundation application.
  • Use separate sunblock if you know you will stay under the sun for prolong period of time.
  • As much as I would love to keep the glow, I will still need to "set" this makeup to keep my skin from looking oily when mixed with perspiration!
  • Best applied using a damp sponge.  
  • If you like to use a foundation brush for application, it is best to dab with a sponge after to prevent obvious lines.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, Dry and Combination skin.  I believe this will also work for users with oily skin but you only need to set this properly or bring with you oil-control films.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available locally at L'Oreal counters priced at Php845.00 (approx $19.20).

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The rose gold pump packaging on a glass bottle making this one of the most luxurious-looking drugstore foundation.

As much as you want to question me on getting N7 for my supposedly "fair skin", you must know by now how much I like to purchase a shade darker because I may be fair but my skin tone is extremely "warm".  

The texture of this foundation is watery making this easy to blend.  it sets into powder finish with a lot of glow!

I like to use my damp Beauty Blender or Nippon Pro Blend Sponge in application.  This helps me use the least product possible and apply with dabbing motion for more coverage.

Check out the redness on my cheeks and sides of the nose.  It was drastically removed by just a few product!  See the luminous glow the foundation gives to my skin!

Half Face Test
As you can see, N7 Pure Bronze matches my neck perfection!  With direct flash photography, it may give a bit of white cast (not too much) since the shade exactly matches me!

The only problem about this is that, I need to set this to prevent my skin from looking "oily" at the end of the day, setting it will reduce a bit of the "glowing power" this foundation gives!  So what I usually do is set with a sponge on my T-zone then use a big fluffy brush to go through the rest of my face!  This trick is perfect to keep the glow the foundation gives.

Applied all over.  The product helps me look like I have extremely healthy, young and vibrant skin!

This is absolutely my favorite L'Oreal foundation!  It used to be True Match but because of my liquid foundation needs, this definitely is the winner!

How do you find the Lucent Magique liquid foundation based on my photos?
Will you give this product a go?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ang ganda sis!!!bet ko rin si true match eh!malayo ba difference niya dun sa isang foundation na true match/le teint ba yun?

    1. I like it , as in better than True Match! True Match is just matte, this has a nice glow sis

  2. I would love to give it a go! Love the shade and coverage. Skin looks so natural and very flawless.

    1. Sis, I wish the comment below ain't true, discontinued is a bad word for me! huhuhu I am loving this foundation!

  3. this foundation is right up my alley, nice!

  4. Oohh. Matry nga to:)) The glow makes me excited to try this one! Will keep in mind of your tips cos I have a combi skin.

    1. Thanks sis! Go go lang! Combi skin ain't bad :D

  5. FYI lang, discontinued na raw ito accdg to L'Oreal SA's kaya it's only P429 in Watsons/SM Dept Stores. In short, buy it na before it's too late :))


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