Monday, May 25, 2015

I Wonder: Can You Apply Make Up Inside a Moving Car?

And...before I get any gasp, I have to clarify that you are NOT the driver!  If you are, maybe you can still answer, maybe, in between traffic?

I've been both..the driver and the passenger, all I can say is that I NEVER apply make up when i'm the driver, whether in between traffic or during red stoplight...I never will!  I value my life too much!

Now, as a passenger, that is a different story!  YES, so many times!

 Especially now that I'm a mom!  You know how hard it is if your toddler screams whenever you leave home?  Well, what I do is that I spend at least an hour, playing with him, giving them all the attention before I leave home!  That means, a lot of playing, kissing, nose to nose, and skin rubbing!  So I make sure to be make-up free during those crucial times!  But how do I get to prepare myself (aka my face) when I had to go to an important event?  Well, bring out the make up and apply them inside the car!  Only on days I get to hitch a ride with someone (my dad, Uber, etc...)

Now on to the make up...I can usually do simple make up looks to make me look decent.  What I can do inside a moving car ---

  • Foundation and concealer
  • Brows
  • Eyeshadow application
  • Eyeliner application (yes even liquid!)
  • Blush
  • Contour
  • Highlight
  • Lipstick 
  • Curl my lashes
The only thing I can't do on a moving car?  Mascara application!  I had to wait for red stoplight before I apply my mascara!  Blame the hooded lids!  If I apply mascara on a moving car, it'll end up on my lid instead of lashes!

Sorry, the sun was really bright when I took this photo so my make up appears all washed out!  But I opted for a "romantic make up look", I used mostly pinks.

As for my hair, I'm quite lucky I can get away tying my hair in a very tight bun.  As soon as I'm near the destination, I let it loose and I have a nice beach wave curls!

Now I wonder....
Can you apply make up inside a moving car?
Which particular make up application can't you do when the car is moving?

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  1. I always do that but limited to foundation, eyebrow and lipstick. Mga pro lang yata ang makakagawa nyan lalo na liquid eyeliner.

    1. hahahahah practice makes first time, the first time, natusok ko eyeball nung biglang may lubak! LOL

  2. haha! I do this too especially when I'm with family and we're all rushing to avoid traffic. I can do BB Cream, powder and blush while the car's moving. Then if we're in a stoplight na 100 plus seconds ang red light, that's when I do my eyeliner. I skip mascara and eyeshadow most of the time since I'm good na with eyeliner.


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