Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mr AMW's First Event: Asus ZenFone2 Manila Launch

When I got an invite over email to attend the launch of the most coveted Asus ZenFone2, I knew I had to be there as I am a fan of Asus ZenFones!  Remember my previous review on Asus ZenFones 4 and 5?

They are affordable, designed so beautifully and the best part?  They perform!  But because my mom's health comes first, I declined the invite because I had to clear out my schedule that day to accompany my mom for a check-up.  (Yes, even had to say no to Shen's 1st birthday party for CC!)

The Lord indeed works in mysterious way!  I got an email again asking me to bring a representative and guess what?  Mr. AMW is available that day and he was ecstatic to be part of this launch!  He has heard so much about ZenFone2 and is extremely excited to take a look at this phone up close and personal!

Just so you know, our Asus ZenFone5 is working great even after using this for more than half a year!  It may have a bit of scratches but still works wonderfully!  That's why the upgraded ZenFone2 is definitely on Mr. AMW's wishlist!  

Because my dear *ahem* writer is used to accompanying me on various events, I didn't worry much about him as I know he can take care of himself on both the socializing side and the "reporting" side.  Indeed, I got quite a good feedback during the launch (real time) as I waited in the hospital for my mom's turn! 

And of course, nothing beats him going home telling me all the juicy details about the phone!  So why is ZenFone2 that BIG?

The event was hashtagged #SeeWhatOthersCantSee and I can't help but agree with this tagline.  First, the Asus ZenFone2 is finally available in Manila!

Aside from the availability, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen proudly shared the success of the First-generation ZenFones in the Philippines and all of SouthEast Asia.  Because of that, ASUS ZenFone2 is here with all-new design and better functions!

13MP PixelMaster camera, and uncompromising performance delivered by a 64-bit Intel Atom™ Z3580 processor with up to 4GB RAM! An Intel LTE-Advanced modem provides ultra-fast and reliable 4G/LTE connectivity.


4gb memory!  So expect really fast responding smartphone!

ZenFone 2 also has a gorgeous, all-new design! 

And since Mr. AMW was able to bring ONE home!  I finally get to see what the fuss was all about!

Same as the feel of ZenFones 4 and 5, it comes with a sleek, brushed-metal finish and concentric-circle detailing.  They also include a graceful curved case that tapers to an incredibly-thin 3.9mm at the edges.  It is easy to grip the ZenFone2 even with my tiny hands because of the exclusive Ergonomic Arc design.   I am seriously in love with this color! (side kwento: he was given red and he chose this color!  Good taste Sir, Good taste!)

The 5.5- inch Full HD IPS+ screen is perfect for both Mr. AMW and I who loves to watch videos on our smartphones!  (Yes, I almost never watch TV anymore!).  We both tried the camera and so far, it may not be the best in the market but it gives good quality photos even when taken on Low Light!


And I seriously can't help it but appreciate how the new ZenFone2 creators thought of mommies and daddies like us who need this function BADLY! (Can anyone relate to our happiness?)

 I will share to you more in depth review further down, let me get back to the event before I get too excited about the phone!

ZenFone2 Brand Ambassador Kim Jones!
I can't help but agree!  No one comes close to being an Asus ZenFone2 ambassador!  Kim is classy yet super down-to-earth!  Perfectly describes the new ZenFone2!
And the part of the event wherein most attendees gasp!  The affordable pricing!

During the launch, consumers who signed up in advance get to bring home all the accessories worth more than Php2,000+ for free when they purchase ZenFone2 that day!  I saw the long lines when Mr. AMW took a snap and sent it to me over WatsApp!   I will definitely go back and purchase the ZenPower!  (they come in wide range of colors!)

Congratulations Asus PH team for the successful launch! 

Before I end this post, Mr. AMW is so excited to share his initial thoughts on the new Asus Zenfone2 after trying this out consistently for the past 2 days!  Ahem, so excited I didn't get to touch this phone much! (hahaha I love you mr. AMW!  He actually gave the phone to me but I told him to review it for me, he is more knowledgeable in this field!)

  • Full HD Screen.  
  • Great speaker sounds.
  • Fast UI.
  • Good battery life (3000mah)
  • Dual sim
  • Great multi-media player, it can play 1920x1080 videos (most important for him!)

  • 4gig ram
  • You get lots of storage choices.  Perfect for users who prefers bigger storage space.  (Choice of 16, 32, 64 and rumored 128gig!)
  • Android 5.0
  • Affordable accessories.
  • Amazing price!  Really great value for money!
  • Since this phone is still new, not much choices on phone casing and screen protector.
  • Battery is not removable.
I will update the Pros and Cons list as Mr. AMW has more things to say!

How do you find the new ZenFone2?
Will you give this a go?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow i cant wait for your own review there ms nikki! and you're lucky for having a very supportive husband hihi (great job sir!)

    1. hahahah so true! I am lucky to have him! thanks sis


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