Saturday, May 16, 2015

Swatch: Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Palette in Cherry Blossom

This post will be short, quick and sweet!
On my recent make up tutorial, you probably saw me using almost all the shades included in ONE palette from Etude House.  Let me tell you this, I seldom have a favorite eyeshadow palette on Asian branded cosmetics because I find most of them either too shimmery, not too pigmented or too powdery!

This one is definitely an exception!  The Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Cherry Blossom is part of
the Spring 2015 collection, 1 out of the 2 palette, the other one is named Rose Garden and I believe both are limited edition.

The palette has Cherry Blossom flowers printed, really dainty and sweet.


At the back, you'll see the manufacturing date and the name of the palette is in English! *whew*

The names are cute and unique!
L-R Cherry Coke, Cherry March, Baby Peony, Hello Spring, Floral Walk and Warm Morning

 Thankfully, this palette has combination of satin-y and shimmery finish.  You may still have a bit of fall-outs especially the matte colored shadows like Cherry March and Baby Peony but not as much as compared to other Etude House shadows I've tried.

  • Cherry Coke - deep brown color with satin finish.  I like to use this on the outer-V to create deeper crease effect.  I also like to use this powder as an eyeliner and brow powder!
  • Cherry March - Also satin finish that looks close to matte.  A cool tone hot pink shade that works for users with coolor skin tone.  Be careful to use this sparingly as it may make you look sick if not applied correctly.
  • Baby Peony - I call this the perfect "middle crease" shade.  This is my "clean up" shadow for areas that tend to look too unblended!  
  • Hello Spring - the perfect inner-corner-eyeshadow.  I won't use this on anywhere else.
  • Floral Walk - reminds me so much of a copper colored shadow from MAC (sorry forgot the name) but I love this!  It has some gold specks which makes this extra beautiful when used on a warm skintone.
  • Warm Morning - a great "crease" shadow.  I like to use this above my lid just below my brow bone for a deeper set of eyes effect.
Available in All Etude House Stores nationwide priced at Php848.00.  Visit for more product information and details.

What is your favorite shade in this palette?
Will you purchase one?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. TOO BAD THEY'RE LIMITED EDITION. -____- They're wonderful!!!

  2. better to buy this kind of eye palette than getting fake UD palettes


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