Friday, May 15, 2015

AMW Wears: Make Up For Ever New Artist Plexi-Gloss (Shades 201 and 402P)

Happy Friday AMW Friends!
You probably know by now how I try to steer clear on lipglosses!  Firstly, I have quite a good volume on my lips so I don't need the extra "plump" a lipgloss gives.  Secondly, I am too busy to even bother on retouch and most lipglosses never last me more than an hour!

So why am I holding 2 tubes of what looks like lipglosses?

Because it is the newest gloss from Make Up For Ever called Artist Plexi-Gloss and as much as I want to keep them straight on my make up train case, I'd rather test products before I use them on clients!  And so far, as much as you would like to read my thoughts here, you have to bear with me, scroll down, and enjoy the photos :P

Artist Plexi-Gloss is available in 35 high shine shades.  So don't click "x" and forget about these glosses if you don't like the 2 shades I'm featuring here because you have SO many to choose from!  The Artist Plexi-Glosses are divided into 5 color categories --- nudes, corals, pinks, reds and arty hues!  YES Make Up For Ever!  Thank you so much for giving me so many choices!  And what's teh best part?  Since Make Up For Ever products are also used by professionals, the Artist Plexi-Gloss also comes in 2 types of textures --- Pearl and Pure.  Pearl obviously gives a good pearlized shine while Pure is the true intense color you get straight from the tube!

Priced at Php1,200
 a photo of Make Up For Ever New Artist Plexi-Gloss (Shades 201 and 402P)

I got 2 shades ---
201 is a pearl textured gloss that is baby pink in shade.  It gives off an almost "nude" effect on users with highly pigmented lips like me!
 402P on the other hand is a PURE color, the color you get is the exact shade you see on tube!  

And what's the most unique part about these glosses?  Their applicator!  I have never owned a lipgloss with applicators like that!  It is soft, flat and very pliable!  If you see an indention on the applicator, it isn't a "production mistake" but I bet it is there to give a more "bendable" applicator for better application.

The only thing I noticed after using these 2 products several times is how much I need to "pump" the applicator in to grab more product!  The applicator just doesn't grab as much product I want on each "pump"!  But I seriously love the "flat" surface though because I get better control in applicator and my lips does not "feather" as much as other lip gloss applicators!

Shade: 201 "Light Rose"
 A cool-toned light pink shade that works well for users with light to dark skintone! 

Make Up For Ever New Artist Plexi-Gloss (Shades 201 and 402P)

Shade: 402P "Golden Red"
The name is perfect as you get a bright red lip color with some hint of gold specks!  This shade is perfect for users with warm skintone and I think this shade is an instant face brightener!

Make Up For Ever New Artist Plexi-Gloss (Shades 201 and 402P)

I like both shades because I get the best of both worlds!  One is perfect for daytime while the other is perfect for night time!  Best of all?  I can always mix both shades without much effort because it is a "gloss" and I can actually create "fuller and thicker lips" by applying more 201 gloss only at the center of the lips!  

Now here's the question of the day: "Do I Love These?"

I can't say I love them!  I like these glosses for the mere fact that they are lightweight, they last longer than regular lip gloss BUT they are a bit sticky!  I find it quite difficult the blend the shade 402P so I had to apply it in vertical motion to make sure I cover all bases!  What excites me about these glosses is how much they photograph well and they are quite flattering even my Photographer Husband had to stop his "photo-taking" and gave me a compliment on how nice both lip glosses look even if I had a hard time applying them!

So now, I changed my mind, if a husband or partner compliments you for a lip product and he's seen you wore a lot of them on a daily basis --- the product is definitely a keeper!

So yes, tell me your thoughts on both shades and share to me if you would use a gloss that is a "bit" sticky but looks really flattering on you!  I am actually giving the stickiness a slide and I've been using shade 201 on events I attended recently!

And here's a tip for you so that you won't get overwhelmed when you try to shop inside the store!
  • 100s: Nude and beige
  • 200s: Pinks
  • 300s: Corals
  • 400s: Reds
  • 500s: Artist colours
Are you into glosses now or still on Lipstick high?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. 201 shades looks good on you:) pink shades are my favorites but this is too pricey for a lipgloss as for my own opinion. Haha. And Im more into lipstick:)

    1. Thanks for picking! Same here, I am into lipsticks but this one is quite nice!

  2. the reason why I'm not into glosses is because they are sticky, so I may not like these...shades a re great though

    1. I am torned! as much as I dislike a bit sticky gloss, I like the longevity, and the pretty color!


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