Thursday, May 14, 2015

I am Online 24/7

As much as I don't like to be coined as "the girl who's online 24/7", well, I am!  But mind you, I still have life outside this cyber world!  And if I may have to add, being online (as a Blogger) gave me so many opportunities, opportunities I used to just dream about, and now they have turned into reality.

I do enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and new friends every now and then...

I do beauty workshops for brands I love....

Just like you, I take selfies, group-fies whenever I get to bond with friends.

I bring my laptop and work as an HR consultant whenever I get the chance!  And most importantly, I am a mom who is guilty of taking photos of her son's milestones.

So being online 24/7 isn't so bad at all!  That's why when I got an invite from my mobile service SMART for 2 events last week, I had to clear out my schedule and be there because I want to learn more on their offerings and how I can maximize my monthly plans!

Fellow Smart users, you may want to check this out!

Smart Introduces New Video Data Bundles!

As you all know, we are on our phones or tablets not just to check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, instaed, we are also online to enjoy several YouTube Videos, enjoy "Dubsmashing" with friends and probably get in touch with friends and relatives on Skype!  I do all those and more!  And finally, it is good to know that Smart subscribers can enjoy YouTube and other online videos like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viewstream, Qik and a lot more through affordable "sachets" designed to suit your mobile lifestyle and budget.

Ex. YouTube5 - 65mb of data for 15 minutes of standard definition video streaming on mobile phones valid for one day for only Php5.00
YouTube25 - 160mb of data for 35 minutes of standard definition video streaming on mobile phones, valid for one day for only Php25.00.
YouTube50 - 400mb of data for 90minutes of standard definition video streaming, valid for 3 days for only Php50.00

And because I am the type who doesn't like to worry or count the number of minutes I'm online, I am so happy that Smart brings a new postpaid plans called Surf Plus Plans!

I am currently on a Plan1,500 with unlimited data plan and around Php500.00 worth of consumable text or calls.  I am very happy with this plan and I can't imagine how it could get any better!  Well, it did!

Smart's new Surf Plus Plans offers us to choose the perfect plan to fit our mobile data needs and aside from that, it gives flexibility to select a FREE app of choice that can be changed every month!

The lowest plan starts at Plan599 and the highest would be Plan1999.  I agree when Postpaid Marketing Head of Smart said: "There's no one-size-fits all solution".   So true, that's why I agree with having the freedom to choose your "bundles" or "best postpaid plan" so you can maximize your mobile usage.

Just in case you're wondering what the freebies are --- 
For the stream-savvy --- YouTube, Spinnr
For the socially active --- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
For the Work junkie --- Gmail and Yahoo! mail
For the Street Smart --- Waze

Once my plan gets updated to Surf Plus plans, I'll definitely get Waze as freebie because I highly use it and depend on it every time I go out!

I am so happy that my mobile service company is thinking of ways to make our mobile usage experience and spending worth it!

To know more about Smart's latest promo and services, visit  To know more about Smart's new lineup of best postpaid plans, visit

Which particular app do you highly use on a daily basis?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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