Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eureka Moment: Mommy Hacks

Let me start by saying, I'm not a perfect mom!  But being hands on for a good 24 plus months, I can say, I do have some tricks under my sleeves!  All the drawing, the book-reading, the acting, I am definitely a teacher/actress/artist for life!  

As you all know, my title is inspired by "Life Hacks" seen on Facebook shared posts!  This is my personal "mommy hacks" list and I can add more if you are interested!  I will try to put up as interesting products as possible for "ahem" cool mommies out there!

My son turned 2 last April 16th!  Yes, TWO!  Eeeekkkk!!!! I know what I'm hearing now: "Terrible Two!"  Thankfully, he may be at his most active, noisy, running-here and there stage but I don't call him terrible!  NOT YET! :P  But for the past few weeks, he feel or hit himself a couple of times so I'm used to seeing some bruises and bumps on his adorable face and arm! *insert sad face*  Fellow mommies would understand how it literally crushes our hearts to see our kiddos getting hurt!  So I always have this first-aid kit with me!  Everybody should know that I use Lucas Papaw a lot!  They are perfect for insect bites.  But there are some instances wherein Lucas Papaw is not enough so I have these....

Mommy Hack #1
Arnica Bruise-Stick Php470.00 
Available at: NaturaMomma Facebook
Bruise-Stick™ is an all-natural ointment stick formulated to reduce bruising and swelling associated with injury or medical procedures. 

It looks like a glue-stick so it's easy to use especially on kids!  Kyle Nash had a huge bruise on his forehead when he fell face flat on the floor!  He was such a brave boy and didn't cry much but the huge bump said it all!  Whenever he goes to sleep, I would rub Bruise-Stick on his bruise and massage it gently.  So far, the swelling didn't get worst, instead, it died down in less than a week!  I did patch test first before applying all over the bruise, I applied a small amount at the back of his ear and leave it for a couple of hours, I didn't see any negative reactions so I went for it.


Aside from bruises, this can also be used on sprains, swelling, black eyes and sore muscles associated with minor trauma.    It works for children and adults alike!  For really young kids, I highly suggest you check with your Pediatrician.

Mommy Hack #2
Mosquito-Click Php760.00 

This is a Chemical free portable medical device that functions using piezoelectricity.  This product helps inhibit the production of histamine at the site of the sting or bite.  This can help reduce itching and inflammation and would be suitable for children over 6 months old and adults.  

Upon seeing the word "piezoelectricity", I got scared to try this on Kyle!  Instead, the daddy actually grabbed this and claimed this nifty gadget to be his own!  I have done my own research and seen that some parents do use this "no-battery" operated gadget on their kids and it works for them!  As for Mr. AMW, he swore on how Mosquito-Click reduces swelling and itchiness immediately after several clicks!

How to use?  Click the product end directly on the "bite" and you will feel a bit of a tingling sensation.  One insect bite may need you to do at least 3-5 clicks!

YES, this works!  

Mommy Hack #3
Keeping It Together (KIT) Silicon Tubes
Price Range: Php199.00-Php299.00
As useless as they seem for you, it is God-sent for me!  I used to think they can only house my lotions, facial washes, shampoos and conditioners?  Well, I'm wrong!  Whenever Kyle takes a bath, he enjoys throwing his hair and bath products as you all know, most of those products are housed in a plastic bottle so it cracks and spills.  With KIT Silicon Tubes, he can play with this colorful tubes while bathing and I don't have to worry about cracks and spills.  And the best part?  Some of the silicon tubes have suctions making it easy for me to stick it on bathroom tiles making it extremely easy for me to reach out for them and put it back on any part of the bathroom whenever I need to!

There you go, just some of the Mommy Hacks I compiled!  I will definitely share more once I have more Mommy Eureka Moments!

Any Mommy Hacks you may want to add fellow mommies?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The mosquito-click looks interesting! It's sosyal and high-tech, haha! And the silicon bottles- i think i need it more than my daughter. Clumsiness is next to broken bottles haha! Please keep the genius hacks coming. And oh, please do include a couple of organizing hacks. Thanks!

    1. hahaha well it works that's more important! :D I will try to include organization hacks soon!

  2. been looking for arnica!!! yey

  3. Great tips:) my son is also 2years old too. He's very active and energetic. Nahihingal na nga ako sa pagod but I love being a mom:) would love to try the arnica stick soon! The silicon tubes are really cute. Gonna check them out:)

    1. sinabi mo! hahah dun napupunta energy natin as mommies! But true to what you say, I LOVE IT !:D


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