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AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Smoother Anti-Aging Moisturizer

The first L'Oreal base primer that I tried was called L'Oreal Base Magique (click link for past review).  To be honest, the Base Magique is quite nice it actually went into my makeup kit for clients who aren't allergic to silicone based primer!  

Whenever I pass by L'Oreal counters and ask for Base Magique and the SA would have a blank look, I knew it won't be available ever again in the local scene!  So when I was invited to attend to the Magic Blur launch (which I wasn't able to go by the way), I knew the product must be promising or at least, it could be the better version of my favorite Base Magique!  Or was it?

When you just read the product description, you'll know this is not just a primer, the Revitalift Magic Blur is a Primer and Moisturizer in one!  Why do I say so?  Well it has Opti-Blur technology and Pro-Retinol A --- Retinol is a major ingredient used for its' anti-ageing properties.

That obviously excites me!  A primer and a moisturizer in one!  That would be perfect!  

I have to be honest with you, I have my own skincare regimen so I never used this on a daily basis but instead, I tested this out as a "primer" so don't expect me to say anything about the anti-aging effect!  I won't be able to tell for that random days of Magic Blur usage!  So please bear with me!

L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur says ---

AMW says ---
  • Glass packaging.  Really chic!
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Does blur out lines, pores and not so deep wrinkles.
  • Lightweight.  For a moisturizer and primer, it doesn't feel heavy on skin at all! 
  • Make up does stay longer.
  • Make up application goes smoothly.
  • The scent!  I find the floral scent a bit too much to be applied all over my face. (Personal preference)
  • My skin felt itchy after first usage.  Well, it was still itchy after 2nd and 3rd use and the 4th time, it was lessened!  (I have normal/dry skin by the way!)
  • Price.  If this product works for you, it is worth it because you only need a tiny amount for the whole face!
  • May cause break out to some people.  So please read ingredients list.

A good makeup base because makeup application is easier because of the smooth texture of your skin after application.  Make up stays longer throughout the day.  May cause a bit of skin itchiness especially if you have dry or sensitive skin and the scent could be an issue to some who are sensitive to scented skincare.

  • If you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test.
  • If your skin tend to itch after application, check if redness occur, if yes, better stop using this product! 
  • If itchiness disappears for some time (like mine!)  try to use a moisturizer or sunblock underneath to prevent direct contact between magic blur and y our skin.
  • After trying different ways to apply, I find the best way to apply this product is by using your clean fingerse.
  • For most moisturizer, I highly recommend to massage the product well.  for L'oreal Magic Blur, I recommend to apply with gentle hands and do not rub too much as it will cause your skin to dry or flake.
  • If you have certain allergies to Retinol --- don't even try to use this product!
  • Never dip your hands directly on the container, instead, use a spatula.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Users who are into 2-in-1 products.  Moisturizer and makeup base in one!  This works best for primer users who does not have much allergic reactions.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local L'Oreal counters for Php899.00 (approx $20.43).


Glass packagingand the amount of product you get.
The texture is gel-like cream.  Like creams that has a bit of a lighter texture.

This is how much I need for half of my face.  I like to apply using light-hand motion and "pat" on areas that needed more blurring action!  Ex.  Sides of the nose, nose and obvious laugh lines!  Because I laugh too much!  #lol

Top: Bare Skin
Bottom: Applied with Magic Blur
You won't see the effect on photo (even if I tried zooming it) but the feel is smoother and it does blur out a bit of the dry lines!

Before and after on AMW
Obviously, this is NOT a BB Cream, CC Cream or Foundation so please do not expect any coverage.  The Magic Blur Moisturizer does reduce the look of redness on the sides of the nose because it blurred out the look of pores around that area!  Yes, for someone with dry skin, I am starting to see some obvious pores (probably from stress and lack of sleep).  

If not for the scent and for a bit of itchy feel, I can actually take this with me on makeup gigs but I'm afraid of the anti-ageing ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to clients with sensitive skin so I'll just stick to plain 'ol primers that works just as primers and use separate moisturizers depending on my clients' skin condition.

As for me, I am not really a fan of Magic Blur Instant smoother Anti-Aging Moisturizer!  I'm sorry, I try to love it as much as most people do but it just doesn't work that well on my skin!  

Let me know if it works for you and tell me about your skin type!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i found this two weeks ago and they're really tempting to buy im nearing my 30's so.. haha i need this

  2. I saw this last month (May 1 to be exact, start of the L'oreal sale!), and it's love at first sight. Well, love at first test on my hand! i've been thinking about this product ever since, as in pinag iisipan ko kung worthy ang 899!
    It's just sad that it's not part of the sale, i don't want to buy it in full price though since i'm not sure if my skin will like it and nanghihinayang ako if i turned out to be allergic. I wish we have samples here.. :(

    1. I know what you mean! I wish too that all skincare will have samples!!! Wait na lang for sale pa malay mo?

  3. Saw this last month during the L'oreal sale and i can't stop thinking about it since then! It was love at first sight, or love at first test on my hand!
    It was just sad that it was not part of the L'oreal sale, medyo nanghihinayang ako to shell out 899 for a product that I'm not sure will work for me. I wish we have samples here.. :(

  4. Great review indeed! I guess I have to pass on this one.

  5. OOohhh yikes. I'd rather not RE: the itchiness. Had a recent problem like that because of a ZA sunblock. Super weird. Ganda pa naman matte effect. Oh well


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