Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to: Catwalk to Sidewalk Makeup

Tuesday Choose Day!
I choose to look a bit pretty today with the help of make up!  You know what?  I saw a couple of posts on my Facebook wall on how men dislike women who wear make up!  Well, I'm sorry guys!  We "confident" women wear make up not for YOU but for ourselves!  We want to look and feel good because that's how we are!  Well, to some who wants to look good for the opposite sex using make up...well, that's their thing!  So kebs kebs lang! :D

In short, I just typed in a whole useless paragrah!  Hahahah

Seriously, after creating a "brow tutorial using brow pencil", I got inspired to create a makeup look that I can't seem to create a name for it!  So, my usual crazy self would echo: "Catwalk to Sidewalk Look". 

In short: From Glam makeup to everyday "wearable" makeup look!  You guys know me pretty well, I am all for creating simple makeup looks that would enhance your beauty --- not by covering it with make up!

I will skip brow tutorial as I just recently posted one!  Feel free to create any brow look that you feel would match your face shape!

I skipped concealer for this look because thankfully, my undereye circles where a bit "toned down" while doing this tutorial!  Instead, I picked Mary Kay's newest foundation called Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation.  I applied using a foundation brush concentration on the undereye area and the center of my face.   Will share a review about this product soon!

Since this product has a cream to powder finish, I opt to just let it settle and go straight to my eye makeup.  For this particular look, I picked an eye primer!  (Shocking right?  I almost never use eye primer!)  The eye primer I used is from Nars.

Thanks to my blogger friend Marj Sia for giving me this palette.  It's my first Catwalk Cosmetics palette and the shades are gorgeous!  Perfect for daily use!

For the base, I picked the light rose shadow and gently apply all over my lid.

Using the same fluffy blending brush, I picked the medium "plum" colored shadow and deepen the look of my crease.  I highly suggest you to apply this with your eyes open especially if you have droopy lids like I do. 

Layer the color depending on your preference. 

On to the matte chocolate brown shade, I used this to "define" my eyes.  I chose a pencil shadow brush from Make Up For Ever and gently apply (again with eyes open) on the outer-V of your lids.

Don't forget to blend out harsh lines.

As for liner, I usually pick a liquid or gel liner!  But the Mary Kay At Play Shadow and Liner duo was calling my name!  I used the sharpest point of the liner and gently apply close to the upper lashline.  I also applied some on the outer-thirds of my lower lashline.  

This step is a bit messy so feel free to use the same foundation you used at the beginning to clean the "mess".  

 Apply coats of mascara.  I picked Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash because this is waterproof and I don't want messy eyes on a hot summer day!

Finish look

Blush and Lipstick
Now on to the rest of my face.  I want to keep the rest of my face "dewy" but set areas that tend to oil up!  I picked L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Veil because it doesn't have much coverage, just a nice layer of "cleanliness" as I like to call this product!

Now on to the blush, since my eye makeup is a bit on a medium dark side, I opted for a super natural matte blush from Maybelline.   The blush is called Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie.

The color has a name "peach" but the effect is pink on me!

Now who said you can't have statement eyes and lips?  You actually can!  I picked Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in REB10.  Which is a bright pink lipstick that isn't that Bright and Bold Pink on my pigmented lips!  If you have a naturally lighter lips, feel free to tone this color down by mixing a bit of concealer.

 Voila!  My Catwalk to Sidewalk Makeup!

How would you translate a catwalk to everyday makeup look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Gorgeous Nikki! Love the look on you. That lippie colour is right up my alley too, gotta check it out! :) x

  2. NIce but I still prefer you without the eyeliner. ang cute po kasi ng eyes niyo.. haha (^....^)

    1. hahahahah well I always look like I don't have eyes without eyeliner :D so no thank you! hahahaha


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