Thursday, June 11, 2015

EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks Review

Hi AMW Friends!
Today, I will be reviewing an inexpensive lipstick brand that most of us Beauty Enthusiasts probably started out with before we go spending crazy on high-end brands!  I personally haven't tried lipsticks from this brand, not because I'm a brand snob, but because I usually invest on lipsticks that I use for clients.  So I'm not the brand snob --- my clients are!   *hahahaha*  Just joking.  

But seriously speaking, even for a drugstore brand, I don't mind including them inside my train case AS LONG AS they deliver, the quality is extremely good, and it passed my gruesome product "test". :P  

Will EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks be included in my professional kit?  We'll see....

The EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks may sound or look familiar, because they are made by the company Ever Bilena.  I've had so many request to do a review on this brand particularly the lippies because I was told they are extremely good! 

Thankfully, the brand sent me a couple of lipsticks to try and test and here are the shades I got!  I got 4 Creme formulation (kudos to the brand, they must've researched that I have extremely dry lips) and 1 matte.

Shades (L-R) Marilyn, Venus, Twiggy, Elizabeth and Summer Berry

EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks says ---

The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick, drench your kissers in the rich and on-trend shades of this lipstick named after famous beauty icons and unique colors.  The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick come sin 6 matte and 6 creme shades infused with ingredients that condition the lips, keeping it light but still luscious looking over your lips.  A swipe of this is enough to make head turns and create impact at a glance.

AMW says ---
  • You get cute shade names (not numbers) and the stickers at the bottom of the lipstick is the exact color as the lipstick.
  • Gorgeous colors to choose from!  I am really impressed with the colors they were able to come up with!
  • Price.
    • Is creamy but may not be creamy enough for users with dry lips.
    • I had to glide the lipstick several times to get the right shade.  (Consider I have pigmented lips, so that must be the case)
    • May flake/feather on dry lips.
    • The lipsticks are scented, if you licked your lips, you may taste a bit of that "old school lipstick taste".
    • Packaging.
    • Pigmentation is so-so.
    Gorgeous shades to choose from though these lippies aren't as creamy as other drugstore brands I've tried.  For the price, I won't complain though!


    • The EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks may get a bit drying for first few usage, warm up the lippies at the back of your hand before you apply straight to your lips.
    • If you have extremely dry lips like I do, prep your lips by exfoliating it to prevent lipstick from flaking.
    • Mix 2-3 shades to create your own unique color.
    • Purchase Summer Berry (matte) and Twiggy (creme), both shades are unique!
    Will I repurchase?

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Personal use.

    Where to purchase and how much?
    Available at Ever Bilena kiosks priced at Php195.00 (approx $4.40) each.

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    Arm swatch
     L-R Twiggy, Summer Berry, Venus, Elizabeth and Marilyn

    Shade: Twiggy
    The lipstick may be a creme type but the effect is more semi-matte.  This shade looks really flattering for all skin tones.  The shade is close to rose petal which screams romantic!

    Shade: Venus
     Though I did not "highly recommend" this shade on my tip portion, this is one of my favorite shade (3rd after Twiggy and Summer Betty) because for the fact that there are a couple of shade dupes out there!  But this shade is a mix between hot pink and toned down berry.  I like this as it works so well in brightening up my features even without much makeup on.

    Shade: Elizabeth
     This shade can finally be called a "creme" lipstick because it gives a decent "shine" after application.  This shade is perfect for girls who are just starting out wearing red lipstick.

    Shade: Marilyn
    As the name says it all!  Marilyn definitely screams RED and I love that this red lipstick is more of a deep wine shade that would work on most Filipinas!  A dupe for MAC Ruby Woo.

    Shade: Summer Betty
    I am quite surprised to see that this has Matte formulation because it felt like the same as the rest of the creme lippies!  Summer Betty is a hot pink shade with some extra "shine or gloss" to it!  I love how it gives an "oomph" but nothing overpowering.  Obviously, my favorite shade out of the bunch (because I kept mentioning it!) hahaha

    Which particular shade caught your attention?
    Would you purchase an EB Advance Supreme Lipstick/s?

    I personally think these lippies aren't the best but they aren't that bad considering how inexpensive they are for a good range of colors!  I wish they'll come up with better pigmentation and "feel" and lessen the scent.  As to answer my own question on whether to bring this with me on my professional kit?  My answer is no, a drugstore brand that will be included in my kit are those that are hydrating, long-lasting and has good pigmentation.  That's just by 2 cents and you may share your thoughts if you own one!

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. finally!!! EB swatches! i got hot pink and twiggy ms nikki! but twiggy end up to my sister's vanity table haha.. it doesnt matches my skintone huhu

      1. ah oo! medyo difficult to match the Twiggy! :) Glad you liked them!

    2. I used to be an EB Babe ( not d dancers in Eat Bulaga Ever bilena babe. Me and my mom. Until somebody gave me in2it lippies.. would like to try twiggy And summer betty ;)

      1. natawa ako sa EB Babe and yeah, heard good things about in2it!

    3. Thanks for the review, Nikki. The Twiggy looks interesting but Fashion 21 is better than EB- for the same price range.

      1. Agree with specially the color pay off of pink obsession (berry princess in particular) line of Fashion 21 (though It chaps my lips it can be remedied with lip scrub and tons of lip balm)

      2. Ah yeah Fashion 21 is nice!!!


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