Monday, June 8, 2015

Bond with AMW and Philosophy (Part 2) on June 27

  1. Ira Ann Pangilinan
  2. Arlyn Louisa Ferrer
  3. Glorie Paralejas
  4. Lianne Ninia
  5. Iane Chua
  6. Bheng Acorda
  7. Andrea Sy Centeno
  8. Glenda Candedeir
  9. Jo Anne Baladad
  10. Yve Ramos
Kindly email me within 24 hours your complete name and contact number (  Can't wait to talk to you and meet you guys in person!

Remember my first ever AMW x Philosophy Bonding invite last April? (read invite HERE)
Well, the good folks from Philosophy Philippines enjoyed the first get-together and they wanted more!  *yay*!

So here goes my second invite!

And here's probably what's on your mind, how to join?
Please read mechanics below!

  • Comment ONCE with your name and email address.
  • Contest starts today ends June 21, 2015.
  • 10 winners will be picked via Random generator.  10 winners will be announced in this Blog post and my Social Media Accounts (Follow me @AskMeWhats on IG, Twitter and FB).  
  • Winners must email me back within 24 hours or I will pick a new winner.   PLEASE: I have to stress this again that the workshop can only handle maximum of 10 participants and I don't want to waste the slot to a No Show :) I hope you understand!
  • Answer these 2 queries: "What's your favorite Philosophy Skincare product and why?", "Why should you be chosen to be part of this exclusive Philosophy Workshop?"
  • Take note that the first batch who won won't qualify for this second workshop.  (I'm sorry, we have to give chance to others)
  • 10 winners will get to bond with Me and Philosophy (free facial, a lot of skincare talk and you may ask me questions!)  Aside from that, all 10 attendees will get to take home Philosophy Fab5 Kit worth Php1,495.00 each and more surprises!

And, if you won't be able to join on June 27th, It would help if you share this post on your Social Media accounts, I will be grateful for life! Here's me sending you a BIG VIRTUAL HUG! >:D<

What are you waiting for?  I can't wait to read your comments and I can't wait to meet all of you!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Awww.. dahil masunurin ako.di na ako join, hehe.. so others may experience the "magic" of philosophy. Will share na lang this to my friends.. ;) kung may fans club ka Ms. Nikki baka isa na ako sa officers haha..

  2. Please disregard previous comment...
    Maria Michelle De Leon/
    1. I love hope in a jar-night. I've been using it for a month now and my skin feels softer than ever. Because of this product I am able to maintain my youthful glow even though I am working at night. I get compliments for my skin on how radiant it is even on makeup-free days.
    2. I love to join because I'm always on the look out for skin care products that will help me with pores and discoloration. I have never joined an exclusive skin care workshop. Thank you

  3. Hello po
    Hope in a jar bec it is a well known product worldwide and rightly so because of its amazing moisturizing and benefits to the skin
    I hope to join the workshop because i know it will be fun and exciting
    Denise saarmiento
    Thanks po

  4. Erlyn Louisa Ferrer -
    I love the purity cleanser. Tried it once and got hook right away.
    At 36, I don't have any skin regimen I stick too. I guess it's time to learn a trick or two. This would be very helpful since I travel a lot.

  5. Glorie Paralejas
    I honestly havent tried the Philosophy Skincare products but I really really love to try it, I read some reviews about it and those really gave me interest to bought the product since it is specialized in skin care which I need the most nowadays, also I really really to the highest power really want to have some fragrance from them, ^^ If you will ask me what product I am very interested to have it is the overnight repair salicylic acid acne treatment pads..
    I should be chosen to be part of this exclusive Philosophy Workshop because I want to learn more about the skin care and I know that you can give me some tips about the skin care that is very much perfect from my skin type/problem ^^
    Thank you very much Ms, Nikki for this opportunity I also want to meet you in person ^^

  6. Erlyn Louisa Ferrer -

    I love the purity cleanser, tried it once and got me hooked right away.
    At 36, I don't have any skin regimen I stick too. I guess it's time to learn a trick or two. This would be helpful since I travel a lot.

  7. I'm not sure if I was able to publish my comment successfully. :D

    1. I love how Philosophy Hope in a bottle provides my skin great hydration without the heavy feeling and helps me clean out my acne. My skin is now smoother, supple and less break outs than before.

    2. I'd like that big virtual hug into big actual hug and see you in person. Would love to learn a lot from this skincare talk. I might discover new products from Philosophy and I might find some of their products as a new favorite.

    Glenda Candedeir

  8. Mammoth Tolentino,
    I heard a lot about philosphy products but I haven't had the chance to try it yet that's why I'm so excited when I saw the post on your Instagram account Ms. Nikki! I hope that I'll get the chance to discover philosphy

  9. Paulo A. Leonor

    I have samples of Brighten My day! It gives intense hydration and brightening that lasts all day and reduce dark spots since i have a big eye bag. It's visibly whiter after using for a week. And what i learned from you from the past workshop that i attended. We have to Invest good products to have a good skin. I always bear in mind. since "Di na ako pabata" :)

    I love to join this once in a life time philosophy workshop, Because I know this is new to me and I always heard a good reviews about their products. Though I'am always present at your workshop but this one is quite different. It's all about skin on how to improve more.


  10. Sherry Mae Legacion

    I haven't tried anything yet with the brand Philosophy, but i have read way many good reviews re Hope in a Jar moisturizer. I wanted to try it if not for the steep price. I have a dry skin, and i'm on the lookout for a skin care product that will help me battle out my concern. I hope i'll get a slot, for me to know more about the brand and to try their products.

  11. Dyan Sigua

    honestly, i have never tried any philosophy products... if i will get to be picked that will be my 1st time and that would be exciting... i want to experience what the other participants are saying...

  12. Dyan Sigua

    honestly, i have never tried any philosophy products... if i will get to be picked that will be my 1st time and that would be exciting... i want to experience what the other participants are saying...

  13. Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Butter makes skin feel supple without the greasy after-feel.

    1. I love Nikki
    2. And I am in search for the perfect skin regimen

    Bheng Acorda

  14. Andrea Sy Centeno
    *I remember buying When Hope is not Enough Facial Firming Serum as a gift for my mom and she told me how she loves it! Knowing my mom as a very very meticoulous woman when it comes to skincare products, I find it odd for her to actually praise a certain skincare product. I got curious and I would then sneak in her room to try it for myself (lol). I ended up loving it! I've been taught that we should start with our anti-aging skincare early, and this serum has been really helpful for me. I was feeling guilty I've been using mom's so I then decided to get one myself. I use this every night and everytime I'll undergo microneedling and revlite. It helps a lot making my skin plump and soft!

    *I started taking care of my skin really late so I am at the stage of trying every skincare routine I can possibly do to find the best for my skin. I'm quite positive that this workshop from a reputable beauty blogger and world-class brand would help me complete my skincare journey! :)

    Thank you Ms. Nikki! Hoping to see you soon!! <3


  15. Angel Rose Apsay

    Hello Ms. Nikki,

    Good afternoon!
    My experience: I always love to make up the beauty products that i can afford everything but i dont use the skincare since born to 2013. Some of service women said me important skincare for it's protection. When i remind it in 2014 because it is safe on my skin and be clean & age. But not a much skincare because i cannot afford it, expensive anywhere also dont have job that im Deaf person is difficult life of budgets and expenses why reasons i got care on my skin to be beautiful own my ways. I wish this and join the workshop. Send to know my email?

  16. Ma. Teresa Bibal

    1. Purity made simple. It has a clean & pleasant odor. I use this morning & night. It's quite gentle & effective at removing even the most stubborn makeup and my face feels clean for hours.

    2. I really want to meet you Ms. Nikki. I look forward to the workshop as this will be a great opportunity to learn about makeup and skincare from the expert.


  17. Luv Charmaine mimay -

    To be honest I haven't tried any Philosophy products yet. But I've been always wanting to try their Micro delivery peel. It's on my priority list of products to be bought now. I've searched for a lot of review and got great feedback about it. It is the change that I've been wanting to happen to my skin since it is really dull and needs to be revived.

    Why me? It is my birthday month. It will be on 23rd of June and if ever I'll be chosen that even could be a post birthday gift to me. Since I'm adding a year to my life Its better for me to add more knowledge on how will I take care of my skin as I age. New age and new skin change journey I must say.

  18. Having dark circles under my eyes give me a feeling of low self confidence. They make me look like a panda (although I love Pandas coz their cute). I mostly depend on Philosophy's "Miracle Worker" Concealer because it's good in concealing my flaws. Eversince I was introduced to it, it instantly became my bestfriend.

    I salute Philosophy with their promise to deliver remarkable products that inspire people to live better lives by being better to themselves. And it would be an honor (aside from the bragging rights) for me to participate. If ever, this would be my first time to be part of this kind of workshop-bonding event. For sure, I'll be bringing home with me lots of learnings, tips and a wonderful experience that will inspire me to look, feel and live my best.

    I hope see all of you on the 27th! I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed. :)

    Lianne Ninia Cubacub

  19. Elisse Baga
    I never had a philosophy product before. Although I never tried anything from the brand, I believe this is a great opportunity for me to experience what they have and what they can offer for a newbie. Being one of the lucky winners to attend this workshop is a great chance for me to learn more about skincare, discover new things and to gain experience. :)

  20. Hi Miss Nikki. I really want to be part of your last workshop but didn't got the chance. Anyway, for the first question, I haven't tried any Philosophy product yet since I'm from the province and I don't know where to get it here but I've been eyeing to try the When Hope is not Enough Facial Firming Serum with it's nice reviews and Hope in a jar too.

    For the second question, I think I need to be chosen because I'm getting married soon and I need to see you first and listen to your talk. I'm really into skin care right now and I want to learn more tips and tricks especially that my big day is coming soon! I'm actually excited, I can't hide it!! Hahaha.. ♥

    Hope to see you Miss Nikki. I don't have work that day and I am so willing to travel to Manila just to attend the workshop. Hope to see you. I love you to bits, I am a big fan! :)

    Ma. Theresa G. Montino

  21. Mina Aquino -

    1. The only product I have tried from Philosophy is their 3-in-1 bath products and I LOVE them! I usually buy a bottle whenever I travel and because I buy different scents each time, they've become associated to the places I go to.

    2. I'd love to try out the much raved about Philosophy skincare products and this is a terrific chance for me to do so. Also, I'd love to meet Ms. Nikki in person and learn some tips from her. :)

  22. *joining on behalf of Yve Ramos* :)

    1. Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath 3-in-1s. My daughter would always share hers with me. Our favorite is the Vanilla Birthday Cake.

    2. I want to join this workshop because I fully trust Nikki's talent and skills in this field. At my age, I still appreciate learning modern skills from a pro like her. :)

  23. I hit enter too soon! Yve's email address is c/o :xxx

  24. Russelle anne roque

    Fave philosophy product? The microdelivery!
    This really gives you that diamond peel effect! It makes my skin soft and smooth, plus i think it shrinks my pores.
    Why i wanna join? I'd really wanna meet and bond with you! Plus i wanna hear your thoughts on skin care!

  25. Name: Ira Ann Pangilinan
    1. My fave products: Purity made simple facial cleanser and hope in a jar original formula moisturizer. This combination has been my ultimate skin care regimen. It leaves my skin clean and fresh without drying. I love that they come in travel sizes - so convenient when I'm traveling.
    2. I want to join because I couldn't afford to miss seeing two of my favorite in the beauty arena - Nikki Tiu and Philosophy

  26. Karen roxas

    1. Hands down, its PURITY made simple cleanser. The only cleanser mild enough and doesnt strip off your skin but tough enough to remove dirt from your face.

    2. I recently attended one of your workshop and It was one of the most fun and enjoyable workshop ive attended.Got to learn new ideas on skincare. I love makeup but recently ive been into skincare more because my adult acne suddenly decides to kick in. Philosophy is one of the product or brand i want to explore more.
    So fingers crossed..hope I get picked!
    Looking forward to see you again Nikki

  27. Vin Domingo

    Yes! Nakauwi din po sa wakas! Hahaha. I haven't read your blog for the past few days nasa hospital po kasi ako.(-_-") Anyway..first mail..''askmewhats" (^....^)

    Truth is I've never tried any product of this brand but whenever I stop by at Megamall or in Glorietta, I always make sure to pass by to see if they have promos because they're so expensive (T...T). Sana nga po may sample po sila na pwedeng ibigay even if we haven't purchased anything. I heard and read a lot of good reviews about this brand and the beauty bloggers even the "food bloggers" are actually using and recommending it! Wow! That is why...I really want to be included in your workshop this time. I actually went to your first batch of Philosophy workshop too on my way home and saw you and the lovely ladies po. I really hope I can finally attend your exclusive workshop po.

    Thank you po ulit for the opportunity. (^....^)
    God bless everyone.

  28. Madz Meris

    My favorite Philosophy product is Hope in a Jar. I never used moisturizers before because of my oily and sensitive skin. But when I used a trial sachet of this, I didn't break out and it made my face smooth and in an appearance that I love.

    Please pick me for your workshop because I want to try other Philosophy products. It looks like their products really agree with my sensitive skin as I also use Purity, which I love. More power to Philosophy!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. iane chua

    I never had the chance to try any of the products yet and currently in a quest to experience the best skin care line that suits my skin type, I was recently hooked to products from Benefit Skin Care Line and Kiehl's and when I saw the Philosophy store at Megamall, I immediately found myself looking at reviews of the products. Being particular about keeping our skin healthy and taken cared of could just be one of the many things we could agree on. To be part of the wrokshop will be a mutual avenue of learning experience.

  31. jewel sadangsal

    My favorite Philosophy product is from the Brighten My Day line - the all-over skin perfecting brightening essence. I never had any consistent regimen in the past but this helps tone my skin and eliminate dark spots without the sting. I like using it regularly and have seen improvements since the first time I used it.

    I want to join your workshop to learn more skin care tips. Afterall, who wouldn't want to keep her skin feeling and looking good? 😃

  32. Got your email Ms. Nikki. Thank you :) and see you!


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment your questions, suggestions and just anything you may want to say! Keep smiling and stay happy!