Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Drama Without the Drama: Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am off to a meeting for a fun collaboration with brands I trust and Love so I'm quite excited!  I will probably be wearing THIS blush again because I feel so (keyword) YOUNG, romantic and in-love whenever I have this on!  

And please, tell me the look doesn't give you that instant mood lift!  Come on, you do have a soft-spot for gorgeous looking blush right?

If the photo above didn't give your heart a bit of pinch, I hope this next photo will!  One of the most luxurious packaging I've seen in make up history!


It comes with a synthetic blush brush and a unique dome-shaped sponge which we don't see much around.

There are 2 shades available for the Dramatic Mood Veil ---
  • PK200 Peach Pink - gives a glamorous bright impression.
  • RD100 Coral Red - creates a natural, gentle rosy complexion.

Everything was written in Japanese.  If you don't understand the language like me, feel free to read more about this product on their website.  

Now on to the application, you know how Shiseido are into details so if you want it to do the application their way, kindly refer to the guide below (taken from Shiseido website)

As for me, I'm quite a busy person so I have a simpler way to use this and it still works really well!  

I pick the dome shaped sponge and grab a bit of the main color (located at the center of the pan).  I use this to gently apply on the area of my cheeks I specifically want the color to be placed!


 Using the synthetic brush twirling it on all 4 colors (except the lightest), I gently blend out obvious edges with circular motion from the apples of my cheeks going towards my hairline.

Using the dome-shaped sponge again, I pick a bit of the "Highlight Color" (lightest shade on pan) and gently highlight key areas of my face that I wanted to highlight.  Example: The bridge of my nose and the top of my cheekbones.

You know how it looks almost "nothing" when you first applied but the effect is just extremely DRAMATIC?  Now I understand why this product is called a Dramatic Mood Veil!  PK200 can definitely "lift" my mood making my whole complexion look healthy and bright!  And the best part?  You won't see any of the obvious sparkles or glitters --- NONE AT ALL!

The powder feels like a dream on every application, you won't see any of the pigment flying everywhere because they immediately adheres to your skin like "a perfect couple" <--- blush="" br="" didn="" don="" extra="" i="" is="" making="" me="" romantic="" t="" tell="" this="" warn="" you="">

I can definitely imagine this to work for ALL skin types.

 Now, you've read all raves from me on this product!  There is definitely ONE downside right?  Well, sad to say, there is!  It doesn't matter much to me but I'm sure some of you will find this as "boo boo".  The amazing brush and sponge duo may seem like the best invention on earth but this unique and great invention doesn't come with a "home".  Instead of the usual brush or applicator compartment we see in bulky packaged make up product, this one (sadly) is housed on top of a clear plastic tray.  The clear plastic tray that I am tempted to throw each time I open the compact seems to be stuck with me until I hit the bottom of the pan!

But whenever I see my photos and my reflection after application, I can seriously just close my eyes, close the lid of the blush and just smile away!

The Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veils costs Php2,200 (approx $50.00) locally and the good news is that it comes witha  refill priced at Php1,700.00 (approx $38.60).

I can't wait to grab my hands on the other shade!  It is pricey, I know but worth every single peso!

What similar blush brand do you think have the same effect as Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. it is such pretty shade on you ms nikki! i just love the applicator that comes with it! very unique!

    1. thanks! i love the applicator and the shade is amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. I love SNOW POWDER! you got it ba? Laging OOS sa Rob Manila branch!

    2. I heard there's limited stocks per branch (5pcs lang) so try other branches na lang.

  3. Natural ichura nya sa pictures. Very nice :)

  4. Pretty tempting. I super like the color but kinda hesitant of the price. So pricey for a blush!

    1. well. worth it! I LOVE IT TO BITS! I don't have any blush shade like that, well blush shade, I have a lot of similar but not the "EFFECT". The effect is pricey but good!

  5. That's why Japanese women looked naturally charming it's as if those warm pink tones are part of their "kawaii" faces. hahaha. GANDA!!! It's really indeed pricey I also hope that the brush would have it's own place next time.. haha (^...^) Mahilig po sila sa matte finish and sa Koreans naman dewy. I wonder who would be more beautiful if Japanese actresses would use Korean Cosmetics and v.v...

    1. yes yes yes! I agree!!! :D
      I think actresses would look great KAHIT ANONG MAKEUP because they are pretty to start with and have beautiful skin :)


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