Monday, July 13, 2015

Eureka Moment: Nippon Esthetic Eyelash Applicator

Hi AMW Friends!  Happy Monday!
Remember my previous tutorial on Special Events Make Up?  Well, if you did, you probably saw the nifty "gadget" I used to apply my false lashes!  For years, I've been very dependent with my Tweezers when it comes to application on both myself and clients!  

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind using Tweezers, they do the job, I'm comfortable with it but I'm sure a lot of you aren't!  So this nifty "Tool" definitely deserves a spot in my Eureka Moment Post!

AMW Wore Bohk Toh Lashes  in J-202

Are you ready?  It looks like this!

Nippon Esthetic Eyelash Applicator says ---
"The Nippon Eyelash Applicator helps stick false lashes firmly and take them off easily. Made from stainless steel material."

What I like about this is that it looks seriously cool!  No fancy colors to choose from, just pure stainless steel --- which I like because I don't have to worry about rust.

The size is just right even for my tiny hands! 

There's a semi-round shaped circle at the center for easy handling and the finish was amazing!  No rough or sharp edges, just pure genius!

Now let's talk about the tip, this is where you hold your lashes before and during application, and what I discovered recently is how amazing this tool is for lash removal too!

Lash hairs are protected and you can definitely get sturdy hands (even if you don't have one)!  I can even apply lash glue directly from tube to the lash strip!

Since you have full control on your false lashes, application is definitely easier than before!

I do sound like an info-mercial but you know how I am when I find something I REALLY like!  So kudos to Nippon Esthetic for creating such product!  I don't mind owning another one for professional use because this one will definitely be MINE!

And I may have to add, the Bohk Toh lashes feels amazing!  No wonder I see Celebrity make up artists use these for their clients! They look and feel natural I will definitely include this in my Kit especially for brides!

The Nippon Esthetics Eyelash Applicator costs Php300.00 (approx $6.80) available at

Do you think Nippon Estehtics Eyelash Applicator is the answer to your false lashes application?

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Stay happy!


  1. i love the lashes you used here ms nikki so pretty and very natural looking!

    1. thanks! I love it too! a bit too long but really nice on photos!

  2. You can also use the pinched end on the handle to pat down any area of the lash that didn't lay down fully :)

    1. yes, I do that! thanks for adding that up!!!! I missed you na!


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