Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back to Childhood.. with Minions!

At 36 years old, I am definitely still a child-at-heart!
Upon receiving this box of "happiness", I literally shrieked and surprised both my Husband and Son!  Well, my husband was going-back to his second childhood too upon seeing this box of surprise.

Well you see, he likes to collect Kiddie Meal toys!  He and his sister collected McDonald's Kiddie Meal toys through the years and only when we had Kyle Nash did he actually removed those from display and let his son play with it!  Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, you name it, we got them!  

Obviously, the Minions aren't an exception!  The first time McDonald's offer them for Kiddie Meals, we got a couple (but they aren't complete).  So now that we know they're officially back, the hubby and I were actually discussing on how to collect them one by one --- we actually don't mind ordering Kiddie Meal for the rest of the month!  *laughs*

But God Is good!  A full MINIONS Experience arrived at our doorstep all thanks to McDonald's Philippines for sending all 10 Minions to the AMW household.

Along with Bob, Kevin and Stuart, collecting will always be fun!  Whether you have kids or you call yourself a kid!

You can literally see how Mr. AMW enjoyed taking photos of them!  We actually had our own story to tell when we line them up!

Who is your favorite McDonald's Minion?

I can't decide!  I like them all!

Just like me, if you plan to collect all 10, you can do the following ---
  • Pair a classic McDonald's World Famous Fries with all-new Minion-themed desserts like Honey Banana McFloat through the Minions Medium Fries 'N McFloat Combo for Php65.00
  • Go for Minions Medium Fries 'N McFlurry Combo for Php95.00.  You have a choice between Banana McFlurry with Oreo or Banana Crumble McFlurry.
But obviously, dining is even more fun when you have friends around!  You can choose set of threes ---
  • Minions BFF Fries 'N McFloat Combo for Php165.00
  • Minions BFF Fries 'N McFlurry Combo for PHp225.00

And if you are a die-hard fan of Minions and you want to taste how a "Minion-inspired" dessert would taste like, you can always try Minions Banana McDip (Php15.00) and sing "BANANA-NANANANA" !

For more information, visit and share your "Minion" related collection stories and tag @McDo_PH with hashtag #MinionsAtMcDo

Enjoy collecting!
I am so happy I don't need to stress myself getting all 10!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. we only got three ms nikki! ang bilis nag oos!

    1. hahahah I'm so lucky then!!!!

    2. i found alternative hahaha sa cereals!!! medyo mas costly nga lang hihi


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